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Sony has continued its dominance in the gaming world with high sales of the PlayStation 5 and great exclusive content. Last week’s purchase of Bungie gives them another weapon in their war chest in the ongoing console wars!

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Sony Acquires Bungie feature

Sony Changes the Game with Bungie Acquisition – The Verge

Bungie is best known for developing the popular Destiny franchise and originating the world of Halo. With these massive games in their library, they’ve developed a strong reputation among gamers.

While Sony is most known for their consoles, including last year’s PS5 release, they’ve also published their own best-selling video games. Some of the most notable include God of War, Gran Turismo, Uncharted, and The Last of Us.

Now that Sony’s purchase of Bungie is official, I imagine this will be a good thing for the greater gaming community. Bungie will supposedly operate as a multiplatform, independent studio, which means Microsoft fans shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Additionally, the information sharing between the two companies will ultimately yield higher levels of creativity in their games.

The two companies realized how scary this announcement could be for anyone who isn’t a Sony supporter. Bungie discussed how:

  • There will be no immediate impact to the Destiny 2 experience
  • Upcoming events and expansions will not be impacted
  • Future games will not become PlayStation exclusives 
  • Cross platform features will not be changed or removed

The price tag of this deal speaks volumes for the value Sony sees in Bungie. What remains to be seen is whether either organization will go back on their word about any of the initial promises.

What I’m most excited about in this deal is the potential for Sony to transform Bungie games into TV shows and movies! I recently binged all of the first season of Arcane: League of Legends and was thoroughly impressed by how a video game story can perform in a television series.

This is definitely a huge deal, and I’ll be keeping a close eye on any new developments!

Do you think Bungie was a good purchase for Sony? How do you expect this acquisition to change the landscape in the gaming world? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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