Shattered Home for YouTube

The new policy guidelines for Youtube have been a major concern for many youtube channels. Many YouTubers must be much more cautious about their posts on the platform. If following the strict policy wasn’t stressful enough, different issues seem to be piling up. The site is becoming less of a hospitable place for anyone to dwell within, especially upcoming creators.

Tanking Viewership on YouTube

Initial YouTube Stats
YouTube Views Trending Downward

The most important requirement for YouTubers to work is improving their viewership. Each video is judged by how many clicks are received and how long a viewer watches. Losing viewership would heavily affect the YouTubers’ payouts, even if the issue is from a bug.

Earlier this year, a problem was discovered that affected viewership on several YouTube channels. It seems to be a disastrous bug that diminished the total view counts, halting growth for different videos. Youtube is attempting to make a fix, though not as quickly as everyone expects. Such damage will still affect YouTubers’ growth and dampen their channels.

Crypto Hacks Taking Channels

Fake Elon Musk YouTube Channel Scams Viewers
Fake YouTube Livestream

Scammers and crypto influencers have been discovering more ways to cause trouble for anyone on Youtube. One bothersome scammer has been Tesla Live. Several YouTubers have fallen victim to Tesla Live’s schemes, including Afrosenju, RogersBase, NateWantsToBattle, and several others. The scammer tends to steal different channels by disguising himself as a sponsor. Another trick involved influencing others to click specific links to expose their private data. Even using 2-step authentication provides little defense against the scheme.

 They use the hacked channels to “live stream”. Then, they sell bitcoin and crypto to the audience. The live streams are usually pre-recorded with several fake transactions made in chat to influence viewers to be involved.

Open-source Software for Streaming

It gets worse for people inspired to become YouTubers/streamers as they’re more vulnerable to being hacked. It’s pretty easy to get caught off-guard when using search engines like Google. Despite searching for the users’ most optimal choices, its priority is advertisements. 

Scammers can advertise their ominous sites that lend the same programs but with a virus. Users’ valuable data would be exposed to hackers, allowing them to steal different accounts from anywhere. People should be extremely cautious when finding advertised sites to protect their essential data. The FBI is even warning the industry about the recent phishing acts.

Youtube’s Future

It’s still January, and several YouTubers are stressed about maintaining their content.  It’s unacceptable for big companies like Youtube and Google to let scammers use multiple methods to steal channels and data. Having to deal with policy change and avoid hacking schemes can diminish motivation to create efficient videos. Some content creators like Lythero have been very upset about the changes, demotivating him to make more of his creative Dragon Ball Fighterz videos.  

YouTube already doesn’t connect well with its industry from its poor communications, conflicting punishments, and vague guidelines. Their strict and ignorant actions will influence many content creators to not prioritize their support on their sites. Several creators may lean towards making content or streaming on other popular social platforms, such as Twitch. With enough time, YouTube’s poor management will hasten its platform’s downfall.

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