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Happy New Year gamers! To kick off 2022, we’ve got a new entrant in the Saints Row series. Often viewed as the goofier knock-off of Grand Theft Auto, the upcoming Saints Row release feels a lot more grown-up.

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Saints Row Continues to Evolve – Laptop Mag

I’m probably one of the few gamers who grew up in a household that owned multiple copies of the same Saints Row games. I never actually played much of the series, but my siblings always seemed to enjoy them.

Saints Row brings a combination of comedy, story, and fast-paced adventure in a wild mix of open-world mayhem. I haven’t heard many people talk about the franchise, but those that do always have glowing remarks to share.

In 2022, after 7 years of Saints Row silence, we’re finally getting a new release!

Currently titled ‘Saints Row’, the game has everything you’d expect from this franchise: gangs, vehicles, weapons, and, of course, a character editor to rival 2K and The Sims. Personally, I’m a sucker for being able to fully customize my character model. The extreme level of detail in the editor allows you to build a truly unique character.

Saints Row The Third had co-cop, and this mode returns in the 2022 release. You and another friend can progress along with the story and build the greatest gang dynasty possible!

Watching the 2-minute trailer, I got some vibes of Fortnite, Rogue Company, and Red Dead Redemption. The animations look really smooth and the visuals are crisp. There’s also been word of the developers putting more effort toward creating a more realistic experience when driving vehicles.

After some delays, it appears Saints Row will finally launch at the end of Summer 2022. It’ll be available on console and PC, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see many die-hard fans rushing back into the gang life! Even those waiting for the forever rumored GTA VI may jump on board!

Have you played any of the previous Saints Row games? What are you most looking forward to in this year’s release? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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