Rogue Company Rogue Tier List

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Rogue Company is an incredibly fun, third-person tactical shooter that combines hero-based abilities within-game objectives. If you’re new to the game, check out our beginner’s guide before hopping into your first matches!

You’ll notice that the first recommendation is to find a rogue that fits your playstyle. Each rogue has unique abilities that can turn the tide of the battle.

Players are encouraged to play the rogues who they are best at, but there will always be rogues who bring more value to the match in a specific meta. This is especially true in the more strategic modes like Demolition.

If you want to choose from the best of the best, we’ve got you covered in our tier breakdown! We’ll also give an explanation of why each rogue was slated into their respective tiers.

Since the devs are likely to change up the meta with future updates, it’s important to note that this tier list is relevant as of Update 0.48. We created our chart with Tier Maker, so feel free to share your rankings with us too!

Tier Explanations

Here’s a quick rundown of how we grouped each character into our rogue tiers:

S Tier Rogues

These are the rogues who have an impressive overall kit and fit well in any team. Players can get immediate value with these rogues and become devastatingly good when mastered.

A Tier Rogues

Rogues that are one step away from the top typically have 1-2 gaps in their kit. They are very powerful characters but need a slight boost to join the ranks of unstoppable rogues.

B Tier Rogues

Middle of the pack rogues who aren’t really good or bad. Think about a role player on an NBA team. Good enough to make the league but probably won’t be in any ESPN highlights.

C Tier Rogues

Highly situational rogues whose only saving grace is an ability, perk, or piece of equipment. When the situation doesn’t match the rogue, these characters often fall into the bottom tier.

D Tier Rogues

These rogues need a major overhaul to their kit to be viable in competitive play. Rogues in this tier are likely to see a very low pick rate.

rogue company anvil - rogue tier list


Primary: Arbitrator or MLX Maw
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Baseball Bat
Gadgets: C4 or Active Protective System

Anvil looks like he was pulled out of a WWII movie. This is both a compliment and a roast. We wouldn’t say this to his face, however, as he packs a punch in many different ways. His Arbitrator shotgun is a beast. If shotguns aren’t your thing he also has an LMG with seemingly unlimited ammo in its magazines.

If the guns don’t get you, his C4 will surely finish the job. There’s something particularly sinister about a remote explosive. Before you have time to react you are blown to kingdom come. For that reason, we think it is best to forgo his Active Protection System gadget. A C4 in the right spot can wipe an enemy team instantly. 

To help secure areas you deploy Anvil’s Barricade, this can be put in a choke, at a corner to extend your range or even offensively to assist a push. Get creative. We suggest grabbing the Headstrong perk first which will pair well with his passive being immune to an array of gadgets. If you can afford it, grab Life Drain next, especially if you are using the LMG as your kill potential will be astronomical.  Helping Hand is a great perk for supporting roles and Berserker will be the choice for more aggressive players.

rogue company chaac - rogue tier list


Primary: SKL-6 or D40-C
Secondary: Spitfire
Melee: Katana
Gadgets: Flashbang or Semtex Grenade

Chaac’s kit encourages players to play aggressively, with the ability to overheat before rushing into a fight. Additionally, he can save the stim pack to revive himself if playing away from the team. A good Chaac will know when to use stim proactively or reactively based on how the opposing team is playing.

His shotgun is probably the least impressive out of the four currently in the game, so players should opt for Chaac’s SMG. The high fire rate combined with excellent handling make this a dream weapon for Chaac!

Both of his gadgets are high-priority to purchase, giving you the ability to temporarily blind enemies or blow them up with semtex grenades. The developers did a great job of having Chaac’s gadgets complement his playstyle.

We recommend picking up Replenish and Life Drain for Chaac. Even though these are the most expensive perks, they allow Chaac to go full beast mode and maximize his output.

rogue company dallas - rogue tier list


Primary: HRM-30KS or Devotion
Secondary: LW6 Revolver
Melee: Throwing Axe
Gadgets: EMP Grenade or Incendiary Grenade

Dallas has a pistol that can 3-tap people at mid-range. This is especially helpful in the first round of a match where you can gain an early advantage. His DMR isn’t particularly useful so you’ll want to stick to his AR in most matches.

Information is king in competitive shooters, and Dallas’ ability will highlight an enemy for your entire team to see. This either forces the enemy to hold their position, allowing for a quick 3v4 fight, or result in an easy kill on an out of position rogue.

Additionally, Dallas can reset this ability by downing an enemy, giving players the potential to highlight multiple enemies in a round. Knowing enemy locations also lets him know where to throw the devastating EMP grenade which shuts down opposing abilities.

Get the reload-related perks for an aggressive style of play. Pick up Padded Steps and upgrade his AR with a suppressor for a flanking playstyle.

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Primary: KA30 or Mamba
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Throwing Axe
Gadgets: EMP Grenade or Grenade

Dima is the explosive expert of Rogue Company. He will lead a push with his cluster grenade launcher and follow up and kills with standard grenades. His additional ability to see opponents he downed makes him an ultra-aggressive pick.

Though Dima can begin to feel a bit elementary in comparison to other rogues, he is great at what he does. Breach. Either of his primary weapons is suitable. His KA30 will give you a bit more range while the Mamba is an excellent burst SMG for closer range battles. We definitely recommend choosing the Grenade over the EMP as the latter feels a bit underpowered in this current meta. 

As for Dima’s perks, prioritize one of the two most expensive, Replenish or Life Drain. This is a bit of a dealer’s choice as he has two great ones. Do you want more kill potential in not needing to reload after downs or more survivability? We think Replenish is slightly better because if you get caught reloading you are going to die no matter your remaining health. Bounce Back is another great perk to recover faster before the enemies push you.

Focusing on Berserker to reloading while sprinting is a great next step. If you find yourself using the respectable pistol, go for Nimble Hands for a faster swap. 


Primary: SKL-6 or LMP-X
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Baseball Bat
Gadgets: Flashbang or Semtex Grenade

Gl1tch is at a strange place in the meta. On one hand, he’s the most expensive rogue, costing 15k credits. On the other hand, the community hasn’t seemed to figure out his kit yet. 

In most cases, you should go with the LMP-X over his shotgun. It has the highest body damage and the highest handling of any SMG in the game, as well as a range that is close to the bottom end of assault rifles in Rogue Company.

Gl1tch has the potential to provide an enormous amount of information to his team. His Hack ability detects nearby enemies, his passive displays enemy equipment through walls, Sixth Sense alerts you to enemies looking in your direction, and Tracker Rounds highlight damaged opponents for your team.

Gl1tch has all this going for him but still has popped up in the fewest number of our games than any agent! We suspect that he’ll be used more often once players start to better understand how to maximize his Hack.


Primary: 24S or Striker 8×10
Secondary: Spitfire
Melee: Throwing Axe
Gadgets: Smoke Grenade or Semtex Grenade

Lancer is the ultimate flanker when her quick and quiet ability is activated. This allows her to creep behind the enemies easily, get to advantageous positions before anyone else, and get out of sticky situations to avoid death. 

Additionally, Lancer has what is easily the most OP passive in the game right now. Being able to reload while rolling makes you harder to hit, allows you to line up your cursor on the enemy while reloading, and puts you back in the fight faster than any other rogue!

She’s the type of rogue where you really want to be racking up money throughout the match. All of her perks are phenomenal, with the exception of Shredder Rounds, but you should prioritize Life Drain and Padded Steps in the early going. This combination makes you super sneaky and essentially a tank.

The crazy part is that we haven’t even mentioned her loadout yet! You’ll be fighting mostly from close range with Lancer so you can’t go wrong with either weapon. Smoke grenades aren’t used too often, but Semtex is a devastating explosive with a short fuse.

rogue company phantom - rogue tier list


Primary: LR15 Fullbody or Arren L2-12
Secondary: P12K
Melee: Throwing Axe
Gadgets: Grenade or Sticky Sensor

As the only sniper in the game currently, Phantom is ideal for people with great aim. If you can get used to quickly swapping weapons, Phantom is deadly at all ranges. Ideally, you can swap her secondary out once your team gets a kill, but it’s not the worst of the pistols.

Not only is Phantom’s nano smoke good at zoning areas on the map, it’s also perfect for lining up headshots if the enemies are bold enough to run through. Her passive slows down the enemy’s health regen, giving your team ample time to follow up for the kill.

You’ll definitely want to pick up nimble hands and tracker rounds to make the most of Phantom’s kit. Life drain isn’t nearly as helpful on her as it is on other characters since she is typically fighting at longer ranges.

Phantom also has a very powerful gadget set. The sticky sensors can alert you to enemy flanks and her grenade can be cooked for major burst damage. Make sure to place sticky sensors in common flank routes around the map.


Primary: KA30 or SL-C
Secondary: Spitfire
Melee: Katana
Gadgets: Smoke Grenade or Grenade

Ronin’s assault rifle does great damage at mid to long-range and has an impressive magazine size for an AR. Players should opt for the KA30 unless you plan on fighting more at close range. In this case, the SL-C combines well with the spitfire for a close-quarters loadout that kills enemies quickly.

Her active ability launches an exploding dagger that sticks to enemies, killing them on impact. In most cases, you’ll want to throw this in an area that you know the opponents are holding and then quickly shoot it for decent burst damage. Places correctly, it also shuts down a flank or gives you a cheeky kill on the site.

If flanking is more your playstyle, Ronin’s passive ability keeps her hidden from the enemy minimap. Your footsteps will still be heard, but you don’t have to worry about the visual indicator.

In terms of perks, you should pick up Berserker and Replenish to maximize Ronin’s kill potential. Ronin’s kit is meant for aggressive play and these two perks let you rack up kills.


Primary: MLX Mark 4 or Mamba
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Throwing Axe
Gadgets: Smoke Grenade or Trip Mine

We wouldn’t be surprised if Saint, Lucio, and Lifeline would get along if their universes ever merged. Everyone loves a good combat medic. Saint has a unique scoped assault rifle in the MLX Mark 4 allowing him to hold the backline, sometimes with Phantom, and send out his drone to heal his teammates. His Trip Mine is perfect for the rogue who wants to better protect a flank. Conversely, his Smoke Grenade can help establish flanks or protect a revive. 

Saint also has access to the Mamba SMG for a more forward playstyle. Regardless, we think the first Perk to grab is Helping Hand. Reviving teammates faster is that much more beneficial to a rogue who heals for a more significant amount. He also heals himself when doing so. Pro tip: let your Saint revive!

Next should be the invaluable, Headstrong for the additional armor. Evade is a great low-cost perk to tack on as well. Saint’s other perks are a bit situational. Cloaked if you are facing a good Dallas. Tracker Rounds is a bit expensive but could help a team that isn’t utilizing effective comms. 


Primary: SL-C or Arbitrator
Secondary: A3 Salvo
Melee: Rosie
Gadgets: Incendiary Grenade or EMP Grenade

Scorch was broken from the beginnings of the beta and swiftly received a nerf. Her overheat ability makes her the most deadly close-range duelist in the game. She loses value in mid-range fights, but her playstyle usually puts her face to face with her foes.

Similar to Lancer, either primary weapon works really well here. If you prefer to down enemies with a shotgun blast to the head, go with the Arbitrator. Otherwise, the SL-C SMG has a ridiculously short time-to-kill, especially when overheat is active. 

Scorch is also immune to fireproof, making her a good counter to enemy Dallas or Vy players. When things get really dire, she can even spike her own incendiary grenade at her feet in a last-ditch effort to take down an opposing player.

For perks, you should pick up replenish and nimble hands. Both of her weapons are ridiculous when fully upgraded so you’ll want to take advantage of her high damage potential.

rogue company talon - rogue tier list


Primary: LMP-X or D3D-i
Secondary: P12K
Melee: Katana
Gadgets: C4 or Flashbang

We aren’t sure if Talon and Crypto know of one another, but they both have a thing for surveillance and hands-free looting. Talon is a flexible rogue, he can support offensive or defensive while providing intel to his team.  Unless you have an overwhelming preference, if playing offensively, go with the SMG; if defensively, go for the DMR. 

Like Anvil, Talon can make big plays with the C4. His alternative Flashbang can equally be devastating if your team follows up. One note to the developers: buff the Flashbang to also remove radars. We’ve been using the radar to navigate to safety when otherwise blinded. This seems like a loophole. 

As for Talon’s perks, his Life Drain will help keep him alive in big exchanges. Get that as soon as possible. Sixth Sense may be useful as an additional alert to your Radar Dart. Otherwise use Nimble Hands or Padded Steps to support your play style. And don’t forget to use his passive to grab throwables left on the battlefield. You should never be lacking for gadgets with his Mag Gloves!


Primary: HRM-30KS or MX-R
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Baseball Bat
Gadgets: Tear Gas Grenade or Active Protective System

Despite the least imaginative name in all of Rogue Company, Trench can provide value as a solid position-locker. His Barbed Wire Grenade spawns one of the best choke locking deployable in the game. While it slows rather than damage, if you are watching it, the opponent should be as good as dead anyway. 

Trench’s primaries are fairly even. He has a standard assault rifle and a single fire assault rifle. Pick based on your style. His gadgets are also situational. He has a device that will shut down the first incoming enemy throwable. This is an underutilized incredibly valuable gadget. Trench also gets to have two by default. His other option is a Tear Gas Grenade which works better if you are looking to be on the offensive. If that is the case, you may be better off picking another rogue though.

Trench’s perks are a bit straight forward. Save up for Headstrong, then look to add Bounce Back and perhaps even Tenacity to increase your resistance to enemy frags that make it past your APS.

rogue company vy - rogue tier list


Primary: Nightshade or S12 Tactical
Secondary: Executioner
Melee: Katana
Gadgets: Tear Gas Grenade or Incendiary Grenade

We are not sure if Vy is related to Caustic but she is able to zone like everyone’s favorite pessimistic scientist. Throwing out her Vile poison will push opponents off of camping position whether you are trying to play defensively or offensively. 

We recommend using her silenced assault rifle, the Nightshade. The silenced rounds can lead to some team wiping flanking maneuvers. If are fearful of getting pushed aggressively you can use the shotgun but the rifle grants much more flexibility. Pair your guns with some incendiary grenades. Stacking damage from the grenades and your vile pools can quickly diminishing the health of an enemy.

For perks, prioritize her Replenish so you minimize the need to reload. Then look to add Helping Hand if you want to support your team better or Evade to bolster your own rogue’s ability. A fully upgraded Vy is not to be messed with.

Yoshyaes’ Tier List

It feels as though Hi-Rez has created a fairly balanced cast of rogues in its tactical shooter. I’m probably biased about Dallas since I’ve played him the most, but my S tier picks all have enormous carry potential for their teams.

I expect to see Gl1tch and Chaac both move up the tier list once we have a competitive mode, but they aren’t getting much love right now. You’ll notice I dropped a little fewer than half the rogues into the B tier. I’d need to see more variety in weapons, gadgets, and perks in order to see more separation within the ranks.

Flash’s Tier List

I debated having Lancer alone at the top. Her roll-to-reload ability is on the fringe of cheating. I added Ronin to the mix because her offensive potential is staggering. If someone has a good handle on Phantom’s sniper she very well could be S tier as well. 

The rest of A tier is Dallas, Saint, Scorch, and Vy each excel at very specific things. B tier, the middle of the pack, hosts a bunch of rogues as this game is genuinely balanced. That’s everyone except for poor Trench. He brings up the rear at C tier. I like playing him but his kit is a little to narrowly focused. For now, D tier remains vacant. Stay tuned…

Let us know what you think of our rogue tiers in the comments section! What rogues would you move around?

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