Rogue Company – Lockdown Map Review

Rogue Company recently went from closed beta to open beta. This means everyone on PC, Nintendo Switch, Sony PlayStation 4, and Microsoft Xbox can now freely download and enjoy the popular tactical shooter.

We’ve been covering the game quite a bit. We’ve put the Rogues into tiers, given our opinion on the best Strikeout map, and picked our favorite weapon and gadget.

Recently, a new map was released – Lockdown.

Well, that reveal was certainly chilling!

Located in the jungles of Venezuela, this nighttime map features a maximum-security prison. The theme and setting are great, but how does it play?

Lockdown is available for both Demolition and Strikeout. For this article, let’s dive into each of the 3 points and decide if Lockdown is a good or bad Rogue Company Strikeout map.

Sewer Access

Rogue Company Lockdown C

The first point I want to cover is the outermost area. I don’t know what to call this other than the sewer access area.

This is a bit ironic since the evil voice just told us no one gets in and no one gets out of Lockdown. I’ve seen enough action movies to know someone most definitely could utilize this feature. 

Anyway, this point is simple enough. This is one of those points that you can hold on point or start pushing spawns.

There are only two entrances to the point, which can make penetration quite difficult. Hold the cargo type area which only has 2 entrances. Contrastly, taking the point from a defensive team can cost you several lives. I’d prefer to offer a sniping vantage point or third entrance. 

Cell Block

Rogue Company Lockdown B

Next, let’s jump to the other side of the map and cover the interior point.

This point is actually becoming one of my singular favorite points in all of Rogue Company. Offering plenty of cover once you enter from either side, the point also provides an operable door to offer flanking opportunities. 

This point offers some of the most versatile opportunities for battles. There are changes of height and different lanes, all while being large enough to have 8 rogues fighting multiple battles at once.

If you have time in your next game here, take in some of the detail of the prison cells. Just don’t get thrown in yourself!

Watch Tower

Rogue Company Lockdown A

Finally, we get to the watchtower point. Feature of Lockdown and the bane of my existence.

My first time playing this point my reaction was “where’s the point?”, “wait, is the point up there?”, “the only piece of the point is up there?!”.  I haven’t conducted any official surveys but I would like to label this as the most polarizing point in all of Rogue Company. I’m positive that there are others like me who absolutely hate this point, while I’m sure there are those who adore it. 

Sandwiched between two security towers this watchtower has virtually no cover in every direction once on the point. Worse, the only way to access it is through a long, often suicidal, zipline ride from either side. There’s a safer vertical zipline on the cell block side of the point if you can make it to the base of the tower.

Short of being a god or playing with or as Anvil, you probably won’t spend much time at the top of this tower once you’ve captured it. 

Quick side note: Developers, do you think the ability to capture points while in a downed state is realistic? 

And while I am not much of a sniper in any shooters, I feel my issue with this point goes beyond that. This is by far the smallest point in the entire game. Additionally, being in such an elevated and exposed area changes the core concepts of Rogue Company.

Maybe my squad-mates and I are just bad, but playing this point feels so much different than any other map and every other point. Maybe the developers are going to start implementing more high-risk points like this.

Until then, please hear my complaints! 

How do you like Lockdown?

How does Lockdown measure up to your top maps in Rogue Company? Is it a favorite? Also, for those who have played it in a Demolition mode, how do you like it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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