Rogue Company – Best Strikeout Map

As of Update 1.30 Rogue Company has three main modes, all of which pit teams of 4 against each other:

  • Demolition – the attacking team needs to plant a bomb at a designated site. The defending team must stop the bomb from detonating. Either team can win the round by eliminating all enemies.
  • Extraction – Similar to Demolition with the inclusion of a bomb site, but either team can plant on a given round. Rather than having an attacking and defending team, any team can plant at a control point.
  • Strikeout – your standard team deathmatch with a twist. If a team controls the point, the opposing team will lose one respawn every 30 seconds. The first team to run out of lives loses. 

Each game mode has its own rotation of maps but some of the maps are duplicated across game modes. In this article, we’ll share our thoughts on the best map for the Strikeout game mode.

Rogue Company Strikeout Maps

The TwoAverageGamers are split on the best Strikeout map for Rogue Company. Here are our favorite maps and why we think they’re the best!

Flash’s Best Map – Canals

rogue company canals map

Like a James Bond movie

For whatever reason, Hi-Rez Studios, the people behind Rogue Company, decided that their maps would vary in scale. Some maps would receive two points while others would receive three. While you can get variation when teams swap sides, the age-old saying is true here. Some is good. More is better. And Canals is best.

Canals remind me of the cliche scene you see in pretty much any action movie. The shipyard where the drug lord runs his business. An area where the kidnapped love interest is hidden. The scene where the main protagonist faces off with the villain. Whatever the scenario, the setting definitely feels tense.

Every point offers a different flavor, too!

The Breakdown

The first is the back of one of the ships. The team that starts with the high ground has a slightly slower path to the point but the positional advantage equalizes things. Depending on the comp of rogues brought to the gunfight a well-fortified position or a coordinated flank can help secure the point.

The second and middle point is inside of a garage or hangar. The sides are fairly equal and this tends to be the easiest point to hold on the map. There is high ground on the point with a halfway to protect you from both entrances. Played right, it is incredibly difficult to get pushed off that point. With that in mind, try to capture the point first and coast through the rest of the round!

The last point is my favorite. It’s the point surrounded by shipping containers. The point itself consists of a container in the center but otherwise exposed in every direction. This promotes fighting off the point and worrying about attacks from all directions. Rogue Company excels as a tactical shooter in these scenarios. In fact, the middle point of Skyfell, not surprisingly my second favorite map, is similar in this regard.

Yoshyaes’s Best Map – Vice

rogue company vice map

You can find me in the club

Vice is the newest map to enter the Rogue Company rotation. It’s got a laser light show, the top half of a Gundam, and enough neon signs to give you a mild seizure! What’s not to love?

From my perspective, Hi-Rez wanted a map where you could feel the intensity of a battle on the way to a party.  As you skydive out of the airplane, you can see the towering high-rises of the city. Scattered across Vice and posters of what I imagine to be the pop culture of the Rogue Company world. 

All the other maps feel as though there should be an epic battle taking place. There’s something novel about taking to the streets near a premier club and battling it out against 4 angry, super-soldiers!

How to Dominate

Most importantly, Vice has a unique combination of control points for Strikeout. One is a wide-open space with the flanking wall of doom. The other is a small room that can surprisingly be captured from two feet outside the enclosed space.

These sites offer ample opportunity to maximize the value of your gadgets and abilities. It also seems that there’s constant action on Vice. This map is prone to constant flanking and you’ll need to keep your head on a swivel to survive.

If you’re a Phantom main, Vice is the ideal map. There are plenty of juicy sniping positions that give you long sightlines and good cover. Play enough Phantom here and you might even discover the cheeky snipe location near one of the spawns.

This is of course anecdotal, but I think I’ve had the fewest number of lopsided games on Vice out of all the Rogue Company maps. It seems each half of the map is fairly balanced, with neither having a strong advantage over the other.

Overall, Vice is a great map for Strikeout and is one of my favorites to play in RoCo!

Map layout has a strong impact on the flow of a match. Some rogues are better geared towards each map than others, but the top tier rogues are viable everywhere.

It’s nice to see the intricate details on the Rogue Company maps when you have downtime between firefights. Ziplines are a nice touch for added mobility and we can definitely see the devs adding more of these options down the line.

What are your favorite maps in Rogue Company? Let us know in the comments section below!

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