Rogue Company – Best Gadget

Rogue Company equips its characters with a combination of weapons, abilities and gadgets. This ensemble forms each rogue’s kit, giving them specific utility for the team.

Every Rogue has the option to purchase two different gadgets during the course of the match. These items range from grenades and explosives to non-damage throwables.

Through several days – yes, days – of gameplay, we’ve had the opportunity to experiment with all the gadgets in RoCo. Here are our favorite gadgets in Rogue Company and why we think they are the best.

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Flash’s Best Gadget – Incendiary Grenade

Rogue Company Incendiary Grenade

Unless you are vastly superior to your opponents, a certain chunk of Rogue Company gameplay is being tactical about your positioning. For that reason, weapons, gadgets, and abilities that force people out of their positions are greatly valuable. Vy’s poison pools make opponents make decisions. Do they hold positions and wait out a zoned off area? Do they take the damage and run through it? Or do they detour?

In a similar fashion, the Incendiary grenade acts in the same way. The difference is that it does 10 damage per tick instead of Vy’s 2. The bottom line is the opponent is now doing something that they don’t want to and potentially, that you are predicting that they will do. 

Incendiary grenades are a great tool to weaken a pushing opponent, finish off a wounded opponent, and/or disrupt a revive. Even though they aren’t a burst of damage like normal grenades or C4, the damage over time has other benefits.

“But, but… what about Scorch?”

I’m glad you asked.

The other sometimes forgotten benefit of the gadget is that the damage indicators reveal the location of the enemy. Even if the damage indicator is that unfortunate “immune”, you still gather valuable information about if the enemy is standing their ground, pushing forward, or rerouting. 

So next time you are using Dallas, Scorch, or Vy, consider equipping what I deem to be the most valuable gadget – the incendiary grenade.

Yoshyaes’s Best Weapon – C4

Rogue Company C4

C4 is your best bang for your buck – see what I did there?

This rectangular explosive is absolutely devastating and can be triggered manually from anywhere on the map. C4 is one of those gadgets that will result in highlight clips for years to come.

C4 excels at clearing off a point. In a matter of seconds, you can knock out multiple enemies from around a corner, then swing around to confirm the kills.

Its starting throw distance is pretty abysmal (imagine a toddler trying to toss a 50-lb kettlebell) so you’ll want to purchase upgrade 1 ASAP. When combined with a recon ability, like Talon’s dart or Dallas’ target finder, C4 provides guaranteed kills. 

Not-so Friendly Fire

One thing to watch out for is enemies shooting your C4 before you want it to detonate. I can’t even tell you the number of times I’ve died to my own C4. Feels bad.

As with every component of rogue kits in this game, gadgets are limited to certain rogues. If your rogue doesn’t have one of our picks, they’ll likely have one that’s preferred over the other. Prioritize your stronger gadget in the early going of the game and only pick up the second one in the later stages.

Did we miss the mark here with our picks? Let us know your favorite gadget in Rogue Company in the comments section below!

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