Rogue Company AMA Highlights

Rogue Company AMA

Flash and I have been playing a ton of Rogue Company over the last few weeks are excited about what’s up ahead on the road map! This morning, the developers at Hi-Rez did an AMA – ask me anything – to answer some of the community questions.

Hi-Rez has done a great job of soliciting feedback from the players and continues to be open about what they’re working on. Rogue Company is still in beta mode, which has resulted in plenty of hilarious glitches, but is still incredibly fun to play!

There are loads of questions in the Rogue Company AMA post, so I’ll just focus on some of the top ones for now. Check out Reddit for the entire list, and join in on the conversation!

On Masteries

We are working on adding future mastery rewards for Rogues. In our next update we will be adding 3 new ones (for your player identity tags). Still TBD on the rest of the cosmetic lineup for Rogue Mastery though.

We also have designs being worked on for Weapon Masteries (and weapon mastery will have wraps) and also for event features we hope to roll out this year that will allow additional avenues to earn free cosmetics.

Any Mastery Levels you earn on your Rogues will have rewards retroactively granted (such as the ones coming in the next update).

I really like the idea of Rogue Masteries, rewarding players for putting a lot of time into a character. The sprays are ok, but the rogue-specific emotes are awesome!

rogue company ama - mastery points

On Map Rotations

Map rotation is something our development team is treating very seriously. We’re actively investigating methods to improve the map rotation experience in Rogue Company. First and foremost, we will continue to add more maps to our game which will reduce the probability of players getting the same map back-to-back.

Next it’s imperative that our existing maps are meeting players expectations. We will continue to make improvements and iterate on our existing maps to improve the experience for you all.

Yes please to all of this. Sometimes it feels as though the game only let’s you play two maps at a time!

rogue company ama - lockdown map

On Stats

TBD! We really enjoy the idea of giving players access to more of their stats but it all comes down to prioritization. Right now the team is prioritizing Ranked, further improvements to the Rogue Mastery System, Weapon Mastery, Limited Time Modes, more Rogues, and more.

I can respect stats not being at the top of the list, but I do want to see more stats in the next few months. I’m pretty sure they already have all the data already, so it’s likely an issue of building the UI to display it.

On More Rogues


This one-word answer might be the greatest response from the Rogue Company AMA. I didn’t expect Hi-Rex to actually say how many rogues they plan on adding, but it’s pretty much a global expectation that they will add new rogues.

In a later response, they want on to add this bit of good news:

It’s mostly TBD but our target goal is to release eight Rogues a year.

rogue company ama - rogue selection

On Improved Minimap

First, here’s the full question from PvtProblems:

Can Rogue Company get an updated minimap that shows different colours for teammates or rogue icons, so that we can prevent flanks and do proper callouts, like how League of Legends does theirs or Warzone?

And here’s the response from Hi-Rez:

Good stuff, will add this to the exploration that our UX team is doing on how to best communicate visually!

This is always a balance between usability and having too many options. I do like how Warzone allows you to ping locations, and I wouldn’t be mad at seeing this feature in Rogue Company!

rogue company ama - minimap

On Competitive Play

We have a ton of experience running competition for our other games. We are excited for Rogue Company and growing competition and (dare I say) esports alongside the community. For context we have operated everything from salaried Pro Leagues to online cups for our other games!

I’ve enjoyed watching some Rogue Company streamers on Twitch and think this game has great potential as an esport. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Dr. Disrespect featured in some early tournaments!

On Limited-Time Content

We will be doing a small event for Halloween this year which features a specific Limited Time Mode and an achievement that gives users a Reward for completing. In the future we will be doing more elaborate events around these holidays. 😀

This is one of the things that gets our squad most hyped for Overwatch. Since I have an addictive personality, I will absolutely be grinding in Strikeout to unlock all the things.

Rogue Company AMA Summary

Hi-Rez responded to most of the questions with high numbers of votes in this morning’s Rogue Company AMA. The dev team was direct, transparent, and showed off their good sense of humor.

I only touched on a portion of the questions, but there was enough exciting news in this batch to make things interesting. If you’d like to see all the questions asked, head over to Reddit for the full Rogue Company AMA.

What are you most excited about in Rogue Company? What questions do you still have for the devs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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