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Rocket League, released in 2015, is a multi-platform, rocket-powered car soccer game. Or, “soccar”. 

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In matchups ranging from 1v1 up to a chaotic 4v4, cars zip around an enclosed pitch. The objective, as in soccer, is to knock a giant (relative to the cars) soccer ball into the opposing team’s net. Using ground and aerial mechanics, goals and goaltending can be quite extravagant. 

Despite being 4 years old, the popularity of this game is as high as ever. Just last month, the 7th Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) took place in Newark, New Jersey. This event was viewed by thousands in attendance and hundreds of thousands around the world via Twitch streams. Put plainly, Rocket League is the epitome of eSports.

The Evolution of Trash Talk

One of the constants between sports and video games is trash talk. And when it comes to trash talk online, when you don’t have to actually see the person you are flaming, things can get carried away.

Thankfully, and not so thankfully, Rocket League has introduced a very efficient way to communicate with teammates and opponents alike. Using hotkey combinations, you have access to sending 16 messages. These messages are assigned from a pool of 35. 

Positive messages range from compliments like “Nice Shot!” and informational messages like “Centering…” or “Defending…”. 

On the flipside, you can try to get under your opponent’s skin with taunts. Messages like “What a save!” or sarcastic messages like “Nice one!” or “Close one!” can be used as mental warfare. 

Still, you have the option to stop driving while you type out a message. However, Rocket League has really changed the online sports video game communication scene. 

While their intentions were pure, this ease of messaging can, and has, led most games into a dark area. An area of toxicity.

The Categories

In Rocket League, you are presented with 4 preset categories. Though perhaps, inconsequential, here they are: 

  • Informational
  • Compliments 
  • Reactions
  • Apologies

While the categories are well thought out, realistically – with the exception of Information which is for team only chat – people choose to put what they want, where they want. Additionally, there is one more category for post game communication. Not surprisingly, the game calls this Post Game. 

Now that we know what Rocket League wants us to use, let’s dive back into the real world. I want to explore the 35 quick chat options and talk about how triggering each can be based on various scenarios. We’ll start with the least triggering and end with the blood-boiling, hair-ripping messages. Each message will be ranked on a 0-5 scale on how toxic it can be.

The Apologies

As I mentioned earlier, most messages can be used in a more sinister and sarcastic tone. Thankfully, there are in fact some used to communicate within teams. Let’s get through the “harmless” quick chats.

“My fault.” & “My bad…” | Trigger Rating: 0

The ultimate apologies. I have only seen these messages used for honest mistakes. 

“Sorry!” | Trigger Rating: 0.25

“Sorry!” is a bit more aggressive than the previous pair but it is still primarily used as an ask for forgiveness. 

“Oops!”  & “Whoops…” | Trigger Rating: 0.75 to 2.5

On the surface, these are no different from the other apologies. The problem comes in when your opponents start spamming “Whoops…” after you whiffed on an open net. 

“Noooo!” & “$#@%!” | Trigger Rating: 1 to 1.5

This one has a lot of uses, but I’m going to stick to the apology interpretation. It’s also used by the teammate of the mistake offender. “$#@%!” is used in the same light. Typically, someone is mad about their play or their teammates, but not mad enough to really start a fight. However, these are usually a tipping point to entering the toxic zone. 

The Shockers

These messages are not an apology but rather an exclamation to a bad play that just happened. The sender of this message doesn’t necessarily have to be the person at fault. Often, they are the far superior teammate who has been stuck in this rank for the last 4 seasons. If only they had good teammates, they would escape. Right…

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“Savage!” | Trigger Rating: 1.75

For whatever reason, “Savage!” usually makes an appearance after a bumping play. Either an open field demo or a physical play that winds up in a goal. 

“Holy cow!” & “Siiiick!” | Trigger Rating: 2

There’s not a ton to say about these. They are pretty rare as they have “better” options that will for sure make me quicker to temper. When they are used, it is usually because a crazy play just ensued. I have seen “Siiick!” used more often when someone does something elementary. 

“No way!” | Trigger Rating: 2 to 3

The cousin of “Noooo!”, “No way!” has many meanings. Sometimes it can mean someone on the field, either team, did something incredible. Or, just incredibly lucky. Or, you are amazed at the incredible lack of skill your teammates possess. This is a gateway message into more resentful comms.

“OMG!” | Trigger Rating: 3 to 3.5

When “No way!” isn’t enough, just toss out  an “OMG!”. I like to imagine a red-faced, cheesy-fingered, self-proclaimed pro screaming at his screen when you see “OMG!” appear 3 times in the top left corner of your screen. There are times this is used by the person who may have not executed a play as expected. Usually, it is out of rage.

“Close one!” | Trigger Rating: 3.5 to 4.5

“Close one!” has one of the most diverse interpretations. It could be as innocent as a teammate commending you for a valiant attempt at saving a bullet to the top corner of your net. Or, it could be a teammate sympathizing with your great play that hit the post and bounced out.

And then, there’s the reason I pushed this up to a 4.5. Opponents will spam “Close one!” at any chance they can when it was, in fact, not close. In a 1v1 you may have been crossed out of your car’s axels and they throw this at you. Another common one is throwing this into the post-game chat after an 8-1 thumping. 

Tactical Messages

You can use voice communication during Rocket League. However, if you aren’t playing with friends, you will be at the mercy of quick chat. Even though this post is mostly about the rage that comes from it, there are in fact messages used for planning and strategy. Prior to the faceoff is when a lot of them appear. Let’s quickly cover those uses.

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Note: I’m not going to give them a trigger rating. Those that deserve it will be mentioned later.

“All yours.”, “Go for it!”, “Defending”, “Take the shot!”, “Need boost!”

Each of these usually means, “you go for it while I will either go for boost or follow for a dead ball faceoff.” “Need boost!” sometimes is also used as an apology or even justification for not making a play. It is important to note that it is not always a valid reason for a misplay. In fact, it often is not. 

“I got it”

The opposite to the above, use this one when you want to make it clear you are going for the faceoff. 

“Centering!”, “In Position.”, “Incoming!”

These are used by people situationally but typically it involves the same scenario. Someone is taking the ball up the side of the field and the other is ready for a cross-field pass. These messages are a bit unnecessary. If you are properly rotating and spacing the field, you should be in position or looking to center the ball. 

The Compliments

Yes, there are ways to be friendly in Rocket League. Let’s quickly cover the complimentary quick chat messages. You will see most of these again but we are going to cover their literal meanings first.

Note: Just like the last section, I’m not going to give them a trigger rating. Those that deserve it will be mentioned later.

“Great Clear!” & “Nice block!”

Each of these has more popular phrases but both are usually in response to a good save. “Nice block!” can also be used for good bumping plays or demos. 

“What a play!”

Be careful not to confuse this with one of the worst messages in Rocket League. This exclamation is usually used after a spectacular play. A play well beyond your rank.

“Great Pass!” & “Nice shot!” or “Nice one!”

The bread and butter to most assisted goals in Rocket League. One person passes to another who slams it in the net. Praise all around! Praise for everyone. As long as you are winning, Rocket League can be splendid.

“Thanks!”, “No Problem.”, “Whew.”

Naturally, following a “Nice shot!” or “Great pass!” you should be respectful and respond. “Thanks!” is the neutral and most common option. “No Problem.” switches things up and leans on the side of cockiness while “Whew.” is the vocalization of a sigh of relief. 

Blood Boilers

Finally, we’ve reached the meat and potatoes of this article. Below are the most triggering messages (in my opinion) being used on Rocket League today.

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Before we jump into them, one word about the last two sections. Virtually every compliment and tactical message can be used in a toxic way. So you will indeed see some repeat mixed among the cream of the crop. Let’s bring the Trigger Rating back for this section.

“Calculated.” | Trigger Rating: 3.75

“Calculated.” is relatively calm among its peers. It shows up after an unrepeatable play of luck. A three-car collision that creates a 105mph cross field pinch shot to the top shelf of the goal? “Calculated.” It also is used by players that act like a whiff was a deliberate fake.

“Wow!” | Trigger Rating: 4 to 4.75
  • “Wow, you are terrible!
  • “How did you miss that shot; wow!”
  • “Wow, why am I paired up with such a horrible player?”
  • “Wow, even a paraplegic would make that save!”

Something along these lines…

“Okay.” | Trigger Rating 4.25 to 5.

Have your parents ever said, “I’m not mad at you, I’m just disappointed”? “Okay.” is the disappointed to “Wow!”‘s mad. Its use is to make you feel pathetic and unworthy as a participant in the game. While you will see “Wow!” 3x in a row (and usually more as soon as they can), “Okay.” is typically just sent once. It stings just as much though!

“Take the shot!” | Trigger Rating 4.5 to 5

“Take the shot!” is like a paper cut. Not so bad the first time one is sent but when your opponent becomes triggered, expect to see this message being sent at every opportunity. After they whiff or get dribbled at midfield, “Take the shot!” After they send a ball in front of the net, at a speed no one would be able to make a play on… “Take the shot!” While they are rotating all the way to the back corner boost pad and you just made a brilliant passing play, “Take the shot!”

Once you get stuck in the “Take the shot!” vortex, everything becomes your responsibility. Your inept skillful teammate can no longer be bothered to make simple plans. Eventually, you will be forced to forfeit or endure a teammate who may even stop playing altogether.

Beware: It has multiple forms. I’ve seen “All yours.” and “Go for it!” be used in place of “Take the shot!” 

“Nice shot!” & “Thanks!” | Trigger Rating: 4.75 to 6

Both of these can come from friend or foe. Both hurt equally. The dripping sarcasm is enough to choke on. Every time you hit the ball towards the net – “Nice shot!” Every time a goal I scored against you – “Thanks!”

Just like “Take the shot!”, these accumulate damage the more you see them. Hang in tight, though. Replying will only bring out more and more of the messages.

 “What a save!” | Trigger Rating: 5 to ∞ 

I promised, “What a play!” had a much more poisonous cousin. If we were to look at a pie chart for times “What a save!” is used, 95 to 99% of it would be to roast your teammate. While the other times would be to actually applaud the effort made to save a sure-fire goal. What makes this message so bad is, of all the quick chat messages we covered, it is most likely to be sent by everyone. 

Imagine this: You are playing a 3v3 and you make a noble effort to save a ceiling shot but come up short. The other 5 players then spam

“What a save!” (3 times in a row)

On the VERY next play, the opposing team executes an undefendable one-timer and you are lucky enough to be the closest person to the net. Here it comes again… 

“What a save!” (3 more times in a row)

Even if you don’t want to admit that you are triggered at this point, your play will almost definitely begin to change. Now, on the offensive side of the ball, you whiff on a fairly routine shot. Better yet, you take a good shot and the opponent makes an otherworldly save. 

“Nice shot!” (3 times in a row)

You get the picture. These messages can send you spinning into a black hole of toxicity. ,

Messages to add

I just finished talking about how most of the messages in Rocket League’s quick chat catalog are either inherently or arguably toxic inducing. Still, we need more options! Below are a few I would love to see added.


We already established that “Noooo!” exists but that option is entirely too enthusiastic for the situations I would need it in. 


This one is a personal request of mine. When you score your 3rd goal on a team in the first 37 seconds and someone starts spamming “No Problem”, I would love to retort with “Problem.”. I would accept “Yes, Problem.” as well. 

“We got this!”

The opponents score 3 early goals and one of your teammates vote to forfeit. We’ve all been there. One of a few things can happen from here.

  1. You comply and vote to forfeit and give up a game with 4:23 left on the clock.
  2. You don’t vote and that teammate either:
    • Disconnects.
    • Stops moving (but just enough to not get disconnected).
    • Switches sides and then hits you with “What a save!” on every subsequent goal.
    • OR the entire team battles back and wins a hard-fought game in OT 6-5. 

“We got this!” is a way to rally your troops. A reminder to them that we don’t need to forfeit with over 80% of the game yet to be played. Personally, I rarely forfeit. I’ve had several comebacks of 4 goals inside of 90 seconds. 3 goals inside of 40 seconds. 1 goal inside of 5 seconds. 

Play it out! You may surprise yourself and play as good as you quick chat.

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Your Thoughts

What do you think? Did I cover the quick chat meanings accurately or am I way off base. Let me know your favorite way to get into your opponents’ heads. Also, what triggers you the quickest? And what quick chat option would you want to be added in a future patch? 

Spill the beans below in the comment section!

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