RLCS 2021-22 Spring Split Major Teams to Watch 

In 2021, Rocket League revamped its Rocket League Championship Series or RLCS. Changing the schedule to account for Fall, Winter, and Spring Split Majors, teams would compete in group play and then an elimination-style tournament. The best teams from regions all around the world descend upon a single location to determine the best squad in a LAN style format. 

So far in the 2021-22 RLCS season, Team BDS took home the gold in the Fall Split Major in Stockholm, Sweden at the ESL Sweden Studio. In the recent Winter Split Major held in Los Angeles, United States at the FACEIT Studio and the YouTube Theater, G2 Esports walked away as the top squad. Not surprisingly the two biggest regions, EU and NA have represented themselves well, winning in their home regions. 

As we move toward the Spring Split Major set to take place in London, England at the Copper Box Arena, expect another exhilarating event in June 2022! Let’s go over a few favorites to watch in the final event before the World Championship scheduled for August 2022.  

Top NA RLCS Teams

G2 Esports

The most recent major winner, G2 Esports boasts the highest point total in the world. 2663 is 1 more point than a fellow North American team. After suffering a heartbreaking game 7 loss to lower bracket winner Team Questo, G2 refocused and hunkered down to win the second and deciding best of seven, 4 games to 2.

Consisting of Chicago, Atomic, and long-time legend, JKnaps, G2 is a difficult out. Their number 1 point total ranking should be evidence enough. As long as they are playing their game, expect G2 Esports to be at the top of the Spring Split Major and later in the World Championships!

FaZe Clan

Depending on who you ask, FaZe Clan has either been a beacon of consistency or a letdown. Between the Fall and Winter Split Majors, FaZe Clan is the only team to finish in the top 4. Still, they have yet to reach a final. This is a testament to how dangerous the team is.

For the Winter Split Majors, FaZe Clan made a third-man roster change. Former teammate Allushin was replaced by Sypical, who joins two Rocket League mechanical legends. AYYJAYY, who is already considered one of the best in NA and the world, is comically overshadowed by his teammate Firstkiller. Firstkiller is arguably the best Rocket League player in the world with his seemingly unmatched mechanical prowess. 

The team has suffered from defensive mental lapses and squads matching up well against them in crucial moments. Still, there is too much talent oozing from FaZe to not expect them to perform well at any tournament they enter.

The General NRG

The General NRG currently sports 2662 points. Yes, that is a mere 1 point below G2 Esports. NRG finished second to Team BDS in the Fall Split Major before having a letdown in the RLCS Winter Split Major.

Captain GarrettG is flanked by mechanical god jstn. Their team is rounded out by one of the best third-men, or defensive anchors, in Rocket League and YouTube content creator, SquishyMuffinz. The chemistry is undeniable as they often gain an advantage through tactics and consistency. In the Fall Split Major, they seemed to have FaZe Clan’s number, besting them in 5 games. Shuffle the order how you please but The General NRG round out of the top 3 NA has to offer. 

Top EU RLCS Teams

Team BDS

Team BDS is the winner of the Fall Split Major. They bested The General NRG in back-to-back best of seven series to solidify gold. During the Winter Split Major, they were bounced by developing rival FaZe Clan.

Led by one of the best players in the world, Monkey Moon is flanked by MaRc_By_8 and Extra. Combining lethal playmaking and the resolve of champions, Team BDS sits atop a competitive EU region with 2532 points. Look out for them to make more noise rounding out the year.

Team Queso

Runner up in the Winter Split Major, Team Queso is looking to build on its success. On the way to second place, Team Queso outdueled The General NRG, Evil Geniuses, FURIA, FaZe Clan, Spacestation Gaming, and took the first series from G2 Esports before falling in 6 games in the decider. 

Team Queso is a Spanish organization featuring Joyo and rise from England and Vatira from France. Their 2172 points are the lowest of any team from this list but only two teams can claim better finishes this 2021-22 season. If Team Queso catches fire again, everyone will be fearing the cheese. 


For fans of Rocket League’s 1v1 scene, Dignitas is an obvious favorite regardless of region. The team is like an all-star lineup of soloists. Joreuz and ApparentlyJack regularly compete for top honors on the leaderboard season to season. And their team is completed by Scrub Killa who is the old 1v1 king and most accomplished player in the game mode. 

Even though RLCS is a 3v3 tournament, Dignitas talents translate well to the format. There is a lot of chemistry between these players and the team has amassed 2211 rank points. While they have struggled in the first round of the previous events, Dignitas has too much talent to not believe they are a few bounces away from shaking up the standings.

Top Teams From Other Regions

Team Falcons

Team Falcons is a virtual resurrection of Sandrock Gaming. On April 1, 2022, it was announced that Team Falcons would acquire the entire roster. In the Fall, they fell to the eventual runner-up G2 Esports. In the Winter, they were unable to compete due to visa issues. 

The Saudi Arabian superstar team of Ahmad, oKhaliD, and trk511 has the 3rd most points worldwide with 2616. Only G2 Esports and The General NRG are higher. The Middle Eastern powerhouse is home to a magician on the field in Ahmad and one of the best 1v1 players in oKhaliD. It’s only a matter of time before this team breaks through at the highest level. 

FURIA Esports

FURIA Esports is a South American team with an incredibly bright future. Following a disappointing showing in the Fall Split Major, they fell in 7 games in the Lower Quarter-Finals to runner-up Team Queso.

The Brazilian team features CaioTG1, card, and yanxnz along with one of the world ranking positions at 2374 points. Similar to Team Falcons, FURIA is a great bet to break through as a non-NA and non-EU upcoming Split Major winner. Look out for them in the Spring RLCS major! 


Though they had underwhelming showings at each of the majors thus far, Renegades still possess the ability to make a lot of noise in the Spring. Sporting 2243 rank points, the Oceania region squad has the pedigree to back up this claim. 

Kamii, CJCJ, and Fever make up the current active roster. With the ability to sweep previously mentioned FURIA in round 4 of the Fall Split Major, Renegades have a high upside and are a tough out for anyone in the RLCS! 

Tokyo Verdy Esports

Tokyo Verdy Esports represents the Asia Pacific North region.  Boasting a formidable 2225 rank points, they stack up with leaders from around the world. 

The team consists of ReaLize, Tenhow, and Kanra. While they had a disappointing showing at the Fall Split Major and did not attend the Winter Split Major, Tokyo Verdy Esports remains one of the strongest teams in some of the minor regions around the world. With time, they should make noise in the latter part of the championship weekends.

RLCS Spring Split Major

As mentioned before, the RLCS 2021-22 Spring Split Major will take place in London, England at the Copper Box Arena. What other teams are on your radar to make noise at the event? Will an EU team defend the home turf? Or will NA or another region play spoiler? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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