Rediscover Life is Strange with the Steam Summer Sale

With the recent announcement of the next installment of the Life is Strange series, there’s never been a better time to hop into Life is Strange. Life is Strange: Double Exposure is set to release in the fall and features the return of the first protagonist of the series, Max Caulfield.

Life is Strange is an anthology series that has always told compelling stories. Each game featured a different protagonist with a unique story. Protagonists deal with a different mystery and solve it, or make it worse, with different powers. This has made each game feel fresh and exciting, and I can’t wait for the next game.

One of my personal favorites in the series was Life is Strange: True Colors. True Colors is the latest installment and features Alex, who moves to a new town to reconnect with her brother. After arriving, Alex soon gets swept up in the town and an insidious mystery behind everything.

The Life is Strange series is one that I have grown up alongside and carries a special place in my heart. Each game tells true human stories where your choices affect the way the story ends and dramatically affect each character within it.

Cover image for Life is Strange: Remastered Collection. Chloe Price on the Left. Max Caufield on the Right.

The Game That Started it All

It’s fair to call the first Life is Strange a classic by this point. This game tells the story of Max Caulfield, who returns to Arcadia Bay only to witness a murder… before rewinding time to prevent it.

Life is Strange is a coming-of-age story where you solve mysteries and puzzles using Max’s powers to rewind time. Some of these puzzles have high stakes, and others have very low stakes.

The game also asks provocative questions about your morality when using your powers. What would it be like to know so much about a person just from repeating a conversation with them multiple times? Do you go back in time to save someone who was awful to you? 

There are also big point-of-no-return choices in Life is Strange that will have you make heartbreaking choices. Life is Strange poses big decisions that will have you, the player agonizing over the right choice. In the end, the final message I took from this game is there is no right choice. There’s only the choice you make.

Alex Chen, the protagonist of Life is Strange: True Colors

Why You Should Play Life is Strange: True Colors

True Colors tells the story of Alex Chen, a young woman looking for a home. Over the course of the game, you’ll try and find that and decide whether or not Haven Springs is that home. 

In True Colors, you’ll immerse yourself in Haven Springs, a small town with big characters who you’ll come to know and love. You’ll also be able to get a look inside each character’s head with the power to feel their emotions. Alex can then use the insights she gets from each character, not only to solve the mystery at the core of the game, but to help them confront their problems. Just be careful, actions have consequences, and you can change some people for the worse.

Like many of the installments in the series, True Colors tells a story of dealing with loss and overcoming it. Like its predecessors, True Colors crafts characters that each handle these challenges in their own ways. The characters react in ways that feel real and human. With Alex’s powers, you can experience these complicated emotions first-hand and then help as you see fit.

Promotional art for Life is Strange: Double Exposure, featuring Max Caulfield.

The Future Looks Bright with Double Exposure

I am looking forward to Life is Strange: Double Exposure. The game looks primed to honor the legacy of Life is Strange and all the choices we’ve made along the way. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. If you’re also excited, now is the perfect time to pick up the Life is Strange games on the Steam Summer Sale!

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