Ready for a cozy time? Pick up Haven during the Steam Summer Sale!

Haven is a heartwarming game that got me through the final phase of the pandemic. That alone is some of the highest praise I can give it. It lifted up my spirits even in some of the worst situations.

Haven follows the story of two lovers striking out to start a life on a distant planet. It is a cozy, laid-back game that is one part visual novel, one part exploration game, and one part monster fighter. 

In Haven, you’ll play as both main characters on their adventure and can switch between which one you’re controlling at any time. You’ll balance your time between breaks spent on your ship and exploring the strange new world you find yourself in.

Haven is a beautiful game in every sense of the word. If you’re looking for a relaxing and cozy game to enjoy during the Steam Summer Sale, then Haven is a great choice.

The first loading screen for Haven, with the couple Kay and Yu.

Love Story in Haven

Haven is, first and foremost, a love story. You’ll play as Kay and Yu, a couple fleeing their planet for a new life. Both of the main characters are super charming and it’s a joy to see the romance between these two play out.

Everything in Haven comes back to the romance between the two leads. Leveling up by engaging in the game’s combat always culminates with a romantic scene that advances their relationship. Sleeping on your ship often causes new scenes to play out or unlocks new dialogue. Even interacting with various areas on the ship can lead to new dialogue.

The romance in Haven even pairs really well with the gameplay. This means that the gameplay never becomes boring. The game’s ship life and exploration sections create an excellent feedback loop that heightens each other.

Haven also provides different options to play as same-sex couples! This feature blends seamlessly in with the game, allowing you to tailor the game to your experience. Happy Pride Month!

The camping screen in Haven.

A Work of Art

Put simply, Haven is gorgeous. Everything from the intro to the character design to the new world you find yourself in is a delight to the eyes.

Haven’s gameplay only helps to heighten how stunning this game is. The game’s core loop has you coasting on beams of light across the system of small interconnected islets that Haven takes place on. Each islet has new vistas to gaze out over and strange wildlife to befriend.

The day and night cycle is another great aspect of this game. While it’s nothing new for a game to shift from day to night while playing, Haven uses this mechanic to highlight gorgeous sunsets that will cause you to stop and stare at it all. The day and night cycle is also an excuse to use the game’s camping mechanic, which lets you stay out longer to appreciate Haven’s visuals.

Kay and Yu both shielding during combat

The Combat in Haven

One of the other activities you’ll be doing in Haven is fighting off corrupted wildlife that have been transformed by a mysterious substance called rust. Admittedly, the combat is the weakest portion of the game, with two characters to balance each potentially taking different actions, but it’s not all bad.

Combat in the game comes with the promise that once you finish each battle, you’ll have a new critter you can play with. Engaging with the combat in Haven more means you’ll also interact with the narrative of cleaning rust from some of the islets you’ll find. This can feel very rewarding as you’ll feel like you’re helping the wildlife and the islets thrive.

The combat in this game is also not very difficult. Haven’s combat is very focused on getting into a rhythm and can be fun to get into. If you’re struggling with combat, the game even encourages you to play at its lower difficulty setting, since the game is far more focused on narrative. You won’t lose anything by lowering the difficulty in Haven.

In Haven, the love story is at the core of everything.

A Special Place in My Heart

Haven occupies a very special place in my heart. It’s been there for me during rough times, and I’ve had a great time playing. If you’re looking at the Steam Summer Sale for a game to have a fun and relaxing time with, look no further than Haven.

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