Ranking the Best Weapons in Worms Rumble

Worms Rumble marks a shift in the long-standing series. Changing from the typical formula of turn-based action, Rumble is a free-for-all battle royale and was one of the December 2020 PlayStation Plus free offerings. We first covered it in our TAG Roundup series. For veterans of the series, the weapons are all too familiar. Let’s rank them, by category, from worst to best!

Worms Rumble – Primary Weapons

Worms Rumble doesn't feel much like a Worms game, but that's ok | PCGamesN

Currently there are three (or four, more on this later) primary weapons. The game randomizes which you start with to keep things fresh. 


The Shotgun is a great primary weapon option for Worms that need a little help in the aim department. With a spread of bullets, you’ll be sure to do at least partial damage with each pull of the trigger. Combine this with erratic movement and you will be a terror in the royale.

Baseball Bat

Here’s the mystery fourth primary weapon you may have been wondering about. Worms Rumble gives every worm access to a Baseball Bat which is more effective than you may first realize. It is the ultimate finisher of worms when things get too hectic and close. Don’t lose your battle wasting time reloading when you can knock the worm into next week!

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle will be the favorite primary weapon for most Worms. With its fully automatic capability, you can fire freely for the entire magazine. Just be sure to land a few of those shots.


The Handgun is the final primary weapon. If you can rely on your aim, this is the best option. At 25 per hit, you can down opponents with only 4 carefully placed shots. 

Worms Rumble – Throwables

Worms Rumble - Closed Beta is Live! | Team17 Group PLC

Well, not much to say here. This is your everyday grenade. In a game as frantic as Worms Rumble, the grenade may be the most straightforward, most calm weapon in the game.

Holy Hand Grenade 

The big bro to the grenade, the Holy Hand Grenade belongs in the hall of fame of Worms weaponry. With an enormous blast radius, one of the last things you want to see is a Holy Hand Grenade tossed in your vicinity. Try not to be the guy who dies to a self or team thrown explosive. Whether it’s this or the next throwable, it’ll be a real feels bad moment.

Banana Bomb

What’s a Worms game without the Banana Bomb? The bouncy explosive that detonates the first time to reveal several more, equally-devastating, banana bombs is a staple of any Worms game. Use with caution. Or better yet, use without abandon!

Worms Rumble – Special Weapons

Worms Rumble' Is Coming To PS5 With 32-Player Online Battles
Plasma Blaster

For the most unique experience in the game, use the Plasma Blaster. It’s unpredictable and slow-firing nature makes this the least reliable weapon in the game. It must be noted that if it does land (on you or your target), the damage is significant. Avoid if you are looking to win.

Rocket Shield

The Rocket Shield is the “W” key of Worms Rumble. As the name implies you equip a shield that stops most incoming projectiles and allows you to boost yourself into helpless enemies. Though you only get a few boosts, you have more than enough to overwhelm your target. If you prefer an offensive playstyle, give this a try.  


The Bazooka is the most straightforward power weapon in Worms Rumble. If you were wondering, that’s not a bad thing. With potential devastating damage on direct hits and formidable damage for splash hits, you can eliminate squads before they know it. Don’t get too close as you can hurt yourself.

Sentry Launcher

The Sentry Gun is the ultimate weapon for the defensive-minded worm. Lockdown an area and fight on your terms with the assistance of a trio of auto-aiming guns. Make sure you continue to fight in your defined corridor to supplement the trickle damage from the sentries. If you see these set up in a room, proceed with caution and take them out early, if possible.

Sheep Launcher 

We already talked about the Holy Hand Grenade and Banana Bomb. The iconic Sheep Launcher launches a seemingly endless herd of sheep which Baa and Hop their way around before blowing up. If the first one doesn’t get you, the eighth surely will! Hold the high ground and there is little to be done to stop the onslaught. If you’re on the receiving end of these menacing fluff balls, retreat!


If you haven’t killed yourself or your teammates using the Hammerhead yet, I question if you have really played Worms Rumble. The Hammerhead unapologetically obliterates everything in its path as it fires several rockets in the direction of your aim. You can adjust the aim mid-fire. To make it easier to use, pair it up with a jetpack to put more distance between you and the explosions! In the right hands, it’s the cream of the crop. In the wrong hands, it’s a funny highlight reel making machine. 

How do you rank the weapons?

That covers all 13 weapons available in Worms Rumble at the time of writing. If I were to rank the best weapons across weapon types, it may look something like this:

  1. Hammerhead
  2. Sheep Launcher
  3. Sentry Launcher
  4. Banana Bomb
  5. Holy Hand Grenade
  6. Bazooka
  7. Handgun
  8. Rocket Shield
  9. Assault Rifle
  10. Baseball Bat
  11. Shotgun
  12. Plasma Blaster
  13. Grenade

How did I do in ranking the best weapons in Worms Rumble? If you were to make your own ranking, what changes would be made? Also, any specific weapons from the Worms franchise that the developers should add to the battle royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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