Quordle Beginner’s Guide

By now, if you haven’t heard of Wordle, and are a loyal reader, you only have yourself to blame. We’ve covered what makes the game so enticing and how to catch up by playing old Wordle puzzles. Enter Quordle. Created by Freddie Meyer, Quordle is essentially like playing four Wordle puzzles at the same time. Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to Quordle

How Quordle Started

Quordle is a very young game. Released in 2022, it took inspiration from the phenomenon Wordle. More specifically, it also pulled from a lesser-known spinoff, Dordle. Dordle was created by Guilherme S. Töws and challenged players to solve two different puzzles at once. Instead of the six attempts you are afforded to solve the Wordle puzzle, you are given one extra attempt in Dordle. Seven attempts for two puzzles proved to be a bit too simplistic. 

Enter Quordle. If two is better than one, Quordle took that a step beyond.

How to Play Quordle

If you have a handle on the English language, you will instantly understand the gist of Quordle. In Quordle, you are attempting to solve four Wordle puzzles at once. Instead of six attempts to solve a single puzzle, you are granted nine attempts for the four words.

If you’d like to join the over 2 million players daily and over 15 million total players, you can find the game here. Similar to Wordle, you will be given color-coded feedback based on your guesses. You’ll just have to navigate solving four words at the same time. 

Yellow means the letter appears at least in one other slot in the word. Green means the letter has been guessed correctly in that slot. Correctly guess all four words in the nine attempts and you win that day’s puzzle. Fail to do so and tuck your tail until you can try again the next day. 

Also similar to Wordle, if you want to share your results with friends and family, there is a shareable string of text and emojis generated at the end. 

Quordle Strategy

“Wasting” guesses can dig an insurmountable hole for Quordle. In Wordle, there is a Hard Mode in the settings. It is described as “Any revealed hints must be used in subsequent guesses.” In other words, if you guess RAISE and the A is green, every guess afterward must include A in the second slot. In most cases, following this added challenge can be beneficial. It will slow the guessing process, however, letting your brain churn a little longer may result in stronger guesses in the long run. The only time you should abandon this strategy is if you really need to fish for letters.

In Quordle, after maybe two guesses of fishing for some of the more popular letters, you should most definitely be guessing words with the intent to solve. Too many times I’ve had five or even four remaining guesses and zero words solved. Quordle can be quite challenging. 

Thinking ahead, the developers added an unlimited practice mode for Quordle if you can’t get enough. Find it here

Other Wordle Alternatives

If Quordle isn’t enough, check out these additional Wordle alternatives!

  • Nerdle – Time to move past the alphabet and onto some arithmetic. To solve Nerdle you must produce a unique equation. Don’t be afraid to bust out your calculator if you are struggling on this one!
  • Worldle – No, this isn’t just a misspelled Wordle. Test your geographical knowledge in this country-guessing game. You’ll have the benefit of the country’s silhouette and the feedback will give you the distance and direction away from the correct answer with each guess. 
  • Poeltl – For the NBA enthusiast, this game is named after San Antonio Spurs Center, Jakob Poeltl. Players take their shot at guessing the NBA player of the day. You will get feedback clues based on height, position, jersey number, and more. 
  • Squirdle – No, I didn’t misspell everyone’s favorite water starter. In this spinoff, you will unsurprisingly be guessing the Pokemon of the day. You will get clues based on generation, height, weight, and type(s). Guess ‘em all!

There are several other spinoffs to be found. Let us know your favorites in the comments. Or if you prefer the original, Wordle, let us know that too!

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