Protecting Your Blind Playthrough: How to Avoid Tears of the Kingdom Spoilers

Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is a few days away from release, yet leaks of its gameplay and story elements have been increasing. Earlier this year, someone got hold of the TOTK collector’s edition artbook and posted pictures online.

The posts showed different spoilers, including new enemies and dungeons. Recently, someone took a copy of the whole game and dumped its ROM on the internet.

Tears of the Kingdom Exposed Across Online Platforms

        Social media is becoming more dangerous with spoilers as the launch date approaches. Some users may post statements and videos of Tears of the Kingdom without tagging the content as spoilers. It’s best to filter any mentions of Zelda in settings for primary accounts, including Discord servers, Reddit discussions, Twitter posts, and many others.

         It’s also best to not antagonize anyone related to Nintendo about owning illegal Nintendo games. A Twitter user, @iamhumanandiamgamer, decided to taunt Reggie Fils-Aime, Ex North American Nintendo president. He posted an image of himself playing the Zelda sequel on his Nintendo Switch, which made Reggie quote tweet a rather strict, authoritative statement. Suddenly in just a few hours, the user vanished from Twitter without explaining his disappearance.

        Emulation is legitimate unless the game has been possessed illegally. If you download the game through malicious websites, you can be fined or face jail time, in extreme circumstances.

It’s a wicked act to play a game before its official release date, which makes bigger companies like Nintendo impose punishing measures. They can be strict on users for acting against their traditional copyright policies.

How to Survive Until Release

Several streamers are playing the leaked game on Twitch right now. More TOTK spoilers and playthroughs will appear over time, so it’s best to limit the time lingering online.

Nintendo will hold a Treehouse livestream that will officially reveal more about the upcoming sequel on May 11, 2023. For anyone wanting to protect their pure blind experience, it’s best to be cautious of online posts about Zelda until TOTK’s launch.

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