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Anything from developers who worked on God of War is sure to be a hit! The latest project is a single-player slasher called Swordcery, where the emphasis is on weapon variety and continually leveling up your hero.

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Swordcery Maximizes the Versatility of Swords – Games Radar

This article had me at “pizza cutter”. The fairly common kitchen utensil is one of the many weapons you’ll wield in Swordcery. 

Your hero, Colt, equips an array of blades on his quest to return power to the Earth. The twist? Swordcery is a roguelike, a game where you can expect to die repeatedly and purchase upgrades throughout your playthrough.

Swordcery development is led by two developers from the remastered God of War. They took inspiration from another roguelike, Hades, and you can see some of those combat elements in the trailer.

The thing I find most impressive about the game is the sheer volume of weapons planned for the game. We should see more than 100 swords at launch, with each one having its own unique abilities. At first glance, the attacks reminded me a bit of Dauntless, but there definitely seems to be more variety in Swordcery.

Much of the appeal to roguelike games is the expected high level of difficulty and the satisfaction of finally beating a tough boss. Swordcery has some cool-looking monsters – one of which resembled Ninetails – and the boss battles will likely test even the best swordsmen.

There’s no confirmed launch date for Swordcery yet, but the demo is available to try on Steam now. Early reviews are very positive and the community has praised the game’s combat mechanics.

In the future, we expect to see the game pop up on consoles as well. Stay tuned for updates on the release timeline and upcoming features in Swordcery!

Is Swordcery going to take off the way Hades did? What sword are you most excited to try out? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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