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I tried Paragon years ago and was impressed by the game’s potential. Unfortunately, interest for the MOBA dwindled and the game was canceled in January 2018. Three years later, the assets from Paragon are being used to create a new MOBA, Predecessor, by Omeda Studios!

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Predecessor Launches in Early Access – Venture Beat

It’s a little strange that the game is titled Predecessor since it’s actually a sequel to Epic’s Paragon. If you didn’t get a chance to play the original third-person MOBA, the diehard fans of Paragon will be bringing the core experience using the released assets!

Predecessor’s development is due, in large part, to the popularity of Robbie Singh’s Paragon streams. His dedicated following was devastated when Paragon ended, and they decided to carry on the game’s legacy in their own way.

Singh co-founded Omeda studios with a dozen other excited gamers and has been working on Predecessor over the last year or so. Part of me is surprised that Epic was willing to release so many of Paragon’s assets for free. The other, much larger, part of me knows that they are doing just fine from the revenue made on Fortnite.

If you’ve ever played League of Legends, and have an interest in third-party shooters like The Last of Us, Predecessor might be right in your wheelhouse. The game blends elements of lane defense, objectives, and item-based skill progression to create an intense match of strategy. 

What makes Predecessor so intriguing is the lack of MOBA titles on console. Smite is the first one that comes to mind, but it hasn’t grabbed a huge following like LoL has on PC. The investors are clearly excited about the opportunity, as well as the large community that is rallying around this comeback story.

Singh shared his thoughts candidly about why he thinks Paragon didn’t work out, and how his team is setting up Predecessor for success:

I also felt like I had a good understanding of what the community wanted in Paragon. We thought about the things we really enjoyed about Paragon, and what are some unique things that you would not find in other MOBAs. We added a quest system and doubled down on the personalities we gave to the characters.

From my brief time in Paragon, it definitely seemed like the MOBA genre could do well on consoles. The one thing that concerns me is the difference in button inputs vs using a keyboard on PC. Hotkeys are a must, especially for high-level play, and a console controller can only get you so far. 

Visually, Predecessor looks great! Epic, of course, knows how to create attractive video games and the Paragon assets are being put to good use. A game called ‘Core’ also was looking to make use of these assets, but news of its development has been pretty scarce in the last couple of years.

The game is slated for a 2022 release on both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Make sure to join the Predecessor Discord for more updates on the game’s development!

Let me know what you think Predecessor needs to be successful in the comments section, below!

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