One Tip For Apex Legends To Boost Your Rank Before Season 10

Every ranked season in Apex Legends starts the same way. We love to hate it. Or is it, we hate to love it? You know, the rank reset. Many players enjoy playing in lobbies where they are superior. Conversely, many really hate what they deem to be an unnecessary grind back to an appropriate skill range. This is especially the case in the first few days when some of the more sweaty players are in your lobbies.

One thing remains the same, the higher you end in a season will determine how high you start the next. Here are two good tips to maximize your gains in the final weeks of Season 9 as we head into Apex Legends Season 10! 

The ladder we climb every season!

Don’t Queue Alone

While there aren’t any swords to equip in the dropship in Apex Legends, you can be sure to bring a friend! This simple, but obvious, recommendation will make sure that you and your squadmates are on the same page. Hopefully. 

Jumping into ranked in a premade squad cuts out a lot of potential variables that could lead to your downfall. Toxicity levels will be reduced. Background noise and chatter should be eliminated. Most importantly, coordination on attacks and retreats increases efficacy by 250%. 

Don’t fact-check me.

Playing Alone

When playing Apex Legends alone, you must figure out your teammates’ playstyles rather quickly. This isn’t conducive to a battle royale game in which your life can be ended before you even get a chance to grab a weapon. 

If you are landing in a contested area, should you land with your opponent and overwhelm an isolated enemy using the highly disruptive melee attacks? Or will your teammate get annoyed by you competing for the same floor loot? Making the wrong choice is an unfortunate way to trigger a teammate and have the entire squad focused on the wrong things for the rest of the match.

This is just one example that can lead to a massive loss in points before the game really begins.

Of course, using voice comms in Apex Legends ranked mode is not only recommended but can help with this one issue. Still, there are many other issues that can come up when you are playing with 2 strangers for the very first time. Every match as a solo queuer has the potential for mayhem. 

Playing In A Squad

It’s dangerous to go alone, take a friend!

Let’s imagine a more coordinated scenario. As the map appears, you check the drop ship’s flight path. After making a call to drop into the hot zone, your buddy jumps out and you begin surveying the enemies looking to land at the same POI. As you approach, you begin marking and communicating where to land and exit strategies if things get hairy. 

After a skirmish, you come out on top and discuss your rotation to the next fight. Each time you call out cracked enemies and announce attacks and retreats. Rather than arguing with one another, and because you already know your friends’ tendencies, your energy focuses on being as efficient and deadly as possible.

A Harsh Reality in Apex Legends

Apex Legends Season 9 ranked mode is as difficult as ever. Olympus promotes longer-range combat which in turn makes battles rely on more teamwork than usual. Not playing to your full potential can lead to a sad losing streak, which can lose you 100s of RP before you notice.

So if you are trying to climb before the end of Season 9, make sure to follow this crucial tip as much as possible. Play with people you know or are comfortable playing with. And if you don’t have anyone to queue up with, don’t be afraid to use the after-match feature to jump into a game with a previous teammate if you have good chemistry.

Team chemistry doesn’t necessarily mean you won the match. Playing as a cohesive unit can be far more important long term in a playing session. You’d be surprised at the type of friendships you can form by doing this! 

Do you typically play Apex Legends solo or in a squad? What other tips would you give a player looking to boost their rank as much as possible before Season 10 arrives? Let us know in the comments below! 

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