Nintendo Cautious Jump for Switch Pro

The Nintendo Switch will be six years old on March 7th,  2023. Despite Sony and Xbox already leaping over to newer gen, Nintendo has been focusing on its original, successful hybrid system. 

Nintendo has released many games with colorful visuals and engaging gameplay, though the graphical power calls for an update.  We’ve seen incredible titles since launch, including Bayonetta 3, Xenoblade Chronicles 3, Shin Megami Tensei V, and several more. 

Consumers’ growing awareness makes the audience question when the newer Nintendo console or powerful Switch Pro will be released. It has been discovered by Digital Foundry that the new console system has been canceled until further notice.

Reason for Canceled Transition

The previous years have been challenging for many companies due to the global pandemic. Being forced to shelter at home and avoid endangering employees’ health has damaged many progress for game development. This seemed to have affected Nintendo greatly as such slowdown most likely delayed the announcement of a more powerful Nintendo console.

Many consoles and hardware have been short in production due to concerns about safety for employees over work progress. In Nintendo’s case, semiconductor components became low, diminishing Nintendo Switch sales by about 60%. 

The Replacement for the Newer Nintendo Switch Console

To satisfy customer demands for an improved console, the Nintendo Switch OLED came to be. It’s believed the Switch OLED was supposed to be the more powerful variant of the Nintendo Switch, but plans changed. The Switch Pro was forced to stay in development while the Switch OLED took its place.

When Nintendo Jumps into New Gen

Nintendo Switch Pro prototype

Nintendo seems hesitant to jump into its new-gen system. The current circumstances seem to be going against their decision to release their improved console, including the Switch’s major success. 

To transition over to an entirely new system could risk Nintendo’s success, leading to another tumble like the Wii U. It seems the Nintendo Switch Pro may not see light for the public any time later in 2023. 

Despite the Nintendo Switch’s exposed graphical power, it has been shown that games can run very smoothly on the system, including Dragon Quest 11, Mario & Rabbids, and the upcoming Fire Emblem Engage. The Nintendo Switch is still succeeding within Nintendo’s expectations. It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo is prepared to reveal the Switch’s successor.

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