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Amazon is still trying to make a name for itself in the gaming space. It’s recently released MMO, New World, launched last week and already racked up over 700k peak concurrent players!

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People Flocked to New World – Geek Wire

I tried Amazon’s Crucible and felt there was a solid foundation but not enough to make waves in the crowded gaming market. Amazon’s subsequent attempt at game development, the mass multiplayer online RPG New World, seems to have more potential than the previous failed shooter.

At first glance, New World looks like any other RPG. The graphics and game mechanics are similar to that of Valheim, character builds resemble World of Warcraft, and the battles have a touch of Diablo to them.

One of the primary differentiators is the lack of character classes. Players can level up core attributes and weapon mastery which open up many different builds across the combinations. There’s an array of melee and ranged weapons, plus a good pool of magic to weild.

Several players in the Average Gamer community have been binging New World, and the early results are mostly positive! With MMORPG, given their non-linear nature and open-world environments, things usually don’t start getting good until many hours into the game. The early goings are fairly straightforward as you get used to the game mechanics. After that,and then things open up a bit more for you to explore. 

Initial comments suggest that you can solo up to your mid 20s, but these types of games are always more fun in a group. With so much variety in character builds, you can create a well-rounded hunting party to quickly take out hordes of enemies.

It’s also cool to see an emphasis on opposing factions. When your faction controls an area, you get bonuses and bragging rights. When you’re in a rival faction’s area, you are constantly reminded of it, building tension between the groups.

New World drops at a time when Blizzard, World of Warcraft’s publisher, has been filled with drama. Players have been looking for something fresh to play and it seems like a fairly easy transition over to Amazon’s newest game.

Amazon’s New World is available now on Steam, with a deluxe edition that gives you access to extra skins, emotes, a pet, and a digital art book!

Will you be trying out New World? What game mechanics are most interesting to you? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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