New Pet Ideas for Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets has recently taken over much of the Two Average Gamers’ free time. With various streamers rotating the auto-battler into their schedule, it seems like it is gaining traction in 2022. While Fred has been busy creating tier lists for Tier 1 & Tier 2 animals, I thought it would be a fun exercise to conceive new pets. Maybe developer Team Wood Games will take some inspiration from the craziness in our heads.

Here are some ideas for new pet ideas for Super Auto Pets!


  • Tier: 2
  • Stats: 2 Attack / 3 Health
  • Ability: When not in battle, copy the ability of the pet ahead.
    • At level 1, copy as a level 1.
    • At level 2, copy as a level 2.
    • At level 3, copy as a level 3.
  • Remarks: The Parrot copies abilities before battle. The Tiger copies abilities in battle. Now, the Mockingbird will copy abilities during the shop phase. This could provide great synergy for feeding animals like the Rabbit or Seal. It also could mimic pets that have abilities based on summon or faint triggers. The Mockingbird would be a highly flexible unit and would likely become extremely powerful in its creative uses. Once the battle starts, you are on your own, though.


  • Tier: 3
  • Stats: 2 Attack / 4 Health
  • Ability: Consumes food at a discounted rate.
    • At level 1, food is discounted by 1 gold. 1 trigger per round.
    • At level 2, food is discounted by 2 gold. 1 trigger per round.
    • At level 3, food is discounted by 3 gold. 1 trigger per round.
  • Remarks: Mice are foragers and opportunistic eaters. Giving this pet a discounted consumption ability seems appropriate. The Squirrel’s utility is sometimes not worth the investment, but the potential Mouse and Squirrel synergy may create a whole new meta! Add a Rabbit or Black Cat to the mix and you could have a devastating food based team. You’ll be consuming free food like you were stealing! 


  • Tier: 3
  • Stats: 3 Attack / 7 Health
  • Ability: At the end of the round, give stats to the pet behind.
    • At level 1, give 1/1.
    • At level 2, give 2/2. 
    • At level 3, give 3/3.
  • Remarks: The Orangutan would be a scaling animal in Super Auto Pets. It would essentially just be a backwards Giraffe. A lot of scalers throw stats forward. However, the Orangutan with a higher starting base Health stat would pass stats backward while it takes the brunt of opposing enemies.


  • Tier: 4
  • Stats: 1 Attack / 9 Health
  • Ability: Before the battle, copy the stats, not ability, of an opponent pet.
    • At level 1, randomly copy slot 4 or slot 5.
    • At level 2, randomly copy slot 2 or slot 3.  
    • At level 3, randomly copy slot 1. 
  • Remarks: The Chameleon is one of nature’s best utilizers of camouflage. The Chameleon could be an interesting pet where upgrading it may not guarantee better results. In most cases, teams place their best unit at the front. But there is enough variation that the first unit may be a Scorpion or Deer up front. Since the Chameleon forgoes abilities and armor and only copies stats, playing with a Chameleon could be incredibly rewarding or devastating. In the Versus mode, there would be lots of tactical plays similar to how you can move a Scorpion around. 


  • Tier: 4
  • Stats: 5 Attack / 3 Health
  • Ability: If available, only attacks the enemy pet beyond the most immediate one. This ability does not upgrade on level up.
  • Remarks: The Heron introduces a new attack mechanic. Utilizing it’s long neck, the Heron prefers reaching over the first opponent and attacking the one behind. This would obviously be a specialty type animal but it could greatly weaken the backlines of a team for your strongest unit to step in and clean up. If positioned correctly you could take out the Horse, Fly, or Turkey that is fueling an annoying summoning team!


  • Tier: 5
  • Stats: 7 Attack / 7 Health
  • Ability: Before the battle, lower attack of all pets on both sides.
    • At level 1, lower attack by 1.
    • At level 2, lower attack by 5.  
    • At level 3, lower attack  by 10. 
  • Remarks: Often a symbol of peace, the Panda will reduce the attack damage of all pets. At first glance, this may seem counterintuitive. Further it may even seem like it wouldn’t change the results of the battle regardless. If you dig a bit deeper this would add value to Melon armor. It also may completely nullify backline units to hit for only 1. Played correctly, the Panda could be a devastating Super Auto Pets participant with no natural counters.


  • Tier: 5
  • Stats: 12 Attack / 7 Health
  • Ability: Before attack, Roar and push the opposing pet to the back of line. 
    • At level 1, push the opponent back. 1 trigger per round.
    • At level 2, push the opponent back. 2 triggers per round.   
    • At level 3, push the opponent back. 3 triggers per round.
  • Remarks: The king of the jungle starts out with the highest base stats of any animal in Super Auto Pets. The Lion also introduces a new mechanic called Roar. This ability is bordering on being OP but it feels suitable for the Lion. Rearranging a team could completely ruin their strategy. This would allow the Lion to eliminate the weaker units in the backline and still have time to trade with the bigger units once they rotate back around. Smart placement or a widely scaled team would help defend yourself from the wits of a Lion!

I asked Fred to take a break from his tier lists to offer some ideas as well. Here are his suggestions with my opinions on them!


  • Tier: 2
  • Stats: 1 Attack / 4 Health
  • Ability: Before the battle, consume all teammate Ants and focus their stats into the Anteater.
    • At level 1, consumed stats are multiplied by 1.
    • At level 2, consumed stats are multiplied by 2.   
    • At level 3, consumed stats are multiplied by 4.
  • Remarks: Anteater introduces a specific synergy to Super Auto Pets! The highly popular tier 1 Ant now has another utility than waiting for a Sleeping Pill or raising it to level 3 in hopes to find an early Bison. If your rolls are lucky, the Anteater could be the fastest route to a 50/50 unit. You trade the opportunity for an Ant to actually attack during battle for a tankier Anteater.


  • Tier: 3
  • Stats: 1 Attack / 4 Health
  • Ability: Store food, then share benefits with friendly pets when sold.
    • At level 1, share stats with 2 pets.
    • At level 2, share stats with 3 pets.   
    • At level 3, share stats with 4 pets.
  • Remarks: The Chipmunk is another food based animal to add to the Super Auto Pets roster. In the spirit of delayed gratification, the Chipmunk will load up on food for as many rounds as possible. Upon selling it, the stats attained through food consumption will be duplicated and dispersed upon the rest of your team. For example, if a level 3 Chipmunk consumed 1 Milk (1 Attack, 2 Health), and 2 Pears (2 Attack, 2 Health each), it would give 5 Attack and 6 Health to 3 different animals! This could lead to incredible plays if you load up your Chipmunk enough. You will, however, have to weigh your options. The more you invest in the Chipmunk, the less likely you’ll want to sell it. Decisions, decisions!

Fire Ant

  • Tier: 4
  • Stats: 3 Attack / 4 Health
  • Ability: When attacked, inflict Burn on enemy pets.
    • At level 1, affect 1 pet.
    • At level 2, affect 2 pets.   
    • At level 3, affect 3 pets.
  • Remarks: The Fire Ant provides a pyro-inspired upgrade to its tier 1 cousin. Introducing a new status called Burn, pets that suffer from this will lose 3 damage at every turn. This could cause long-lasting damage to the backlines of a team whose pets haven’t even had an opportunity to attack! And in case you are wondering, the Anteater will NOT eat Fire Ants. Too much indigestion!


  • Tier: 3
  • Stats: 2 Attack / 3 Health
  • Ability: Before the battle, lower the attack of the strongest enemy pet.
    • At level 1, lower attack by 33%.
    • At level 2, lower attack by 67%.   
    • At level 3, lower attack by 99%.
  • Remarks: The Slug is like a Skunk for attack. Depending on the situation, lowering the attack rather than the health could be just as devastating. Slugs and Skunks would become natural best friends. You’d hate to see your 50/50 Puppy get reduced to rubble right before the Butterfly joins it in misery!

What animals would you like to see in Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets already has two packs of animals and you can expect more updates down the line! What pets resonated with you the most from this list? What animal would you like to see in the next patch? Which abilities seem too strong? Let us know in the comments below!

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