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Most people know you can catch the latest hit TV drama or blockbuster movie on Netflix, but what if I told you there was a gaming section? Would you be intrigued? Find out more below!

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Games Will Be Included With Netflix Subscription – Gamespot

Last week, Netflix announced its intentions of entering the gaming world! They’ve had some success with their tv show-based titles and will now build from that groundwork.

The question on everyone’s mind is, will Netflix actually be able to do gaming properly?

For many decades, gaming was synonymous with consoles. SEGA and Nintendo reigned supreme until Sony and Microsoft entered the mix. Since then, there’s been a clear Big 3 when it comes to console gaming while PC gaming has been doing its own thing.

Plenty of newcomers have tried to create a name for themselves in the gaming world in the 21st century. There have been streaming services from both tiny companies (RIP to OnLive) and behemoths (Amazon’s Luna) that haven’t quite made a dent in the market.

Similarly, folks have taken a stab at producing hardware to entice people away from the Playstations of the world. Ouya was a flop, Virtual Boy was upsettingly bad, and the Sega Saturn just didn’t cut it.

When companies that are solely focused on gaming have tried and failed, what gives Netflix confidence that they can succeed?

Well, for one, Netflix is starting small. Small screens, to be exact.

Netflix will be dipping its toes into the gaming pool via mobile games! These typically cost less to develop and have a larger base of ‘casual gamers’ to market to.

Next, Netflix already has 200 million subscribers as of the middle of this year! If they can convince even 1% of their enormous user base to try out their gaming offerings, they would be able to get a ton of feedback quickly.

Finally, Netflix had a hit with their The Witcher series, which eventually led to the first-ever WitcherCon. If they can develop a unique Witcher gaming experience that is exclusive to their platform, there’s a good chance of early wins.

Time will tell if Netflix is successful with video games, but I’m rooting for them since more developers is ultimately good for the gamers. Stay tuned for more news of Netflix’s gaming options in the coming months!

What do you expect from Netflix’s lineup of games? Do you think they’ll have hits or flounder like some of their predecessors? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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