My Favorite Rogues to Use on Each Strikeout Map

Strikeout is my go-to mode in Rogue Company (even though Demolition is growing on me since the release of the ranked beta). It’s your best chance at racking up a ridiculous amount of kills and dealing a ton of damage!

Teams of 4 battle for control of a capture point in hopes of eliminating the opponent’s 12 tickets before running out of their own respawns. The fast-paced nature of this mode is great for streaming and lets me be a little reckless in my gameplay. 

Strikeout features 9 unique maps to brawl on. Having played for almost a week of in-game matches, I’ve got a pretty good sense of which rogues work well on each map.

Here are my favorite rogues to use on each Strikeout map in Rogue Company!

Rogue Company strikeout maps


Canals has two indoor capture points that are ripe for C4 destruction! 9 times outta 10, I’m choosing Talon to wreak havoc at the Canals!

Aside from the multi-kill potential of his explosive gadget, Talon’s dart can easily cover the entire area of the indoor points. This provides his team with key information when trying to anticipate the movements of the enemy team.

Rogue Company Canals


Playing on Icarus, you’ll typically run into plenty of close-range encounters. That, combined with the many narrow lanes, makes Lancer a great pick for this map on Strikeout!

I’ve consistently been able to flank the opposing team at the start of the match, get 1-2 key kills, and help secure the point with Lancer’s ult. If you’re feeling really bold, purchase Life Drain and upgrade her secondary for an extremely aggressive start to the match!

Rogue Company Icarus


Windward is one of my favorite maps in the game. You’ll take many mid-range engagements here and there will constantly be people corner camping.

Dallas is my pick here to best take advantage of the map geometry and typical positioning of the enemies. Make sure to use his target finder when you’re close to the point to get the most out of Dallas’ ability.

Rogue Company Windward


This map has three capture points that are very open, with little cover to maintain while capping. Vy is a really strong pick here since her vile poison can easily drive the opposing rogues off the point, or even get them weak enough for easy kills!

The enemy squad will often have a Dallas on their team, so her cloaked perk is a good counter to his tracking. With proper zoning using her ability and incendiary, Vy can make short work of teams in Strikeout at Favelas.

Rogue Company Favelas


Though Dallas comes to mind for the Factory, my preference leans slightly toward Ronin on this map. The way the level is laid out is prime for exploding knife kills around corners that the enemy is forced to move around.

Factory will have both close- and mid-range fights, so Ronin has her pick of primary weapons depending on what the other team is running. There’s also plenty of C4 thrown around this map in Strikeout, so her tenacity perk is a must to avoid constantly being blown up!

Rogue Company Factory


We return with more Dallas on Skyfell in Strikeout! More mid-range fights and his DMR is a viable option here to knock enemies at range.

I’d say this map is the least susceptible to flanking, so I typically will put my cash into upgrading his primary weapon as well as buying berserker and bounce back. Dallas is a powerhouse on Skyfell with this loadout!

Rogue Company Skyfell


If you can snipe, do it on Vice! This map features long sightlines, optimal cover, and is the ideal place to choose Phantom.

Although she’s more powerful when defending A site, she can still get a decent amount of value on B with her nano smoke. Make sure you call out to your team when you’ve hit an enemy for 70 damage so they can follow up for the kill!

Rock Company Vice


If Dima is available, I’m choosing him every time Lockdown pops up in the map selection. There are so many spots to get cheeky explosive kills and you can easily pile on the eliminations in Strikeout!

With the exception of the tower point, there is plenty of cover for your opponents. Dima’s burned passive highlights enemies for your team to finish, and his set of perks is one of the most aggressive in the game for keeping your finger on the “W” key.

Rogue Company Lockdown

The Arena

This might be the toughest one to call. Generally, a close-range rogue works best here, so I’m between Scorch and Lancer.

Both have access to an SMG or shotgun, both have high sustain kits, and both have heavy carry potential on this map. For me, it comes down to whether I want to play more of a flanking style in a given match or be more up-in-your face with my enemies!

Rogue Company Arena

My Favorite Strike Out Rogues

With the current map rotation for Strikeout in Rogue Company, here’s my pick for top rogues to use on each match:

  • Canals – Talon
  • Icarus – Lancer
  • Windward – Dallas
  • Favelas – Vy
  • Factory – Ronin
  • Skyfell – Dallas
  • Vice – Phantom
  • The Arena – Scorch or Lancer

How’d I do with my picks? Are there any rogues who you prefer on any given map? Let me know your Strikeout picks in the comments section!

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