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First Nintendo released a brawling game, and now we’ve got a title that looks to be the ultimate crossover fighter. Multiverse is a collection of worlds with an emphasis on team play and unique game mechanics!

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Combine all the Worlds in MultiVersus – Polygon

I never thought I’d be able to pit Shaggy against Arya Stark in a virtual deathmatch…but here goes 2021 with its endless surprises! That said, the last few years have proven that nothing should be too surprising.

MultiVersus is as expansive as the name suggests, with characters spanning different franchises in the ultimate fighting mashup. Since it’s a 2D platform brawler, the immediate comparisons will be made to Super Smash Bros. However, the graphics style is much closer to that of Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.

Present are traditional fighting mechanics like dodges, double jumps, and power attacks, but MultiVersus looks to lean heavily on teamwork. Characters have synergistic abilities to aid their partners on the battlefield for dynamic gameplay.

In the trailer, we see smoke screens, lasso saves, and shareable shields being deployed. This interplay between fighters may lead to some fascinating pairings of characters to increase lethality.

As you probably know, I love free things. MultiVersus being free-to-play means I’ll absolutely need to try it. Additionally, the game will support cross-play and cross-saves from launch so your progress will carry over between platforms.

Developer Player First Games hopes the competitive scene grows a strong foundation for their fighting game. Input lag and latency are top priorities for the team as they gear up for a community of hardcore gamers to battle online. Players can join guilds to compete against each other for the spot at the top of the leaderboards!

I think the biggest draw to MultiVersus will be the potential of an enormous roster. Since the game isn’t limited to one particular brand or series, any character from any world could find a place in the game (assuming they can work out the royalty fees).

MultiVersus goes a step further by employing many of the original actors to do voiceovers for the game! This is sure to make the game feel more authentic as you’re smacking people around the platforms.

MultiVersus will release next year, and you can sign up to receive updates on their website.

Is MultiVersus different enough from other platform fighters to give it a try? What character are you most excited to try out? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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