Master the Art of Being a Pro Crewmate: The Ultimate Guide to Winning in Among Us!

Among Us, the thrilling social deduction game that skyrocketed to popularity, has captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a fresh-faced crewmate, the stakes are high as you aim to identify impostors and complete your tasks. 

In this guide, we’ll delve into the secrets of becoming an astute and cunning crewmate, ready to outwit any impostor that crosses your path.

Win as a crewmate in Among Us

Watching Other Players: The Art of Observation

One of the most valuable skills as a crewmate is being a keen observer. Pay close attention to how others behave, their movements, and their reactions during discussions. Look for subtle changes in their demeanor when accusations fly, as these can reveal crucial clues about their innocence or guilt. Stay sharp and take mental notes of everyone’s actions to help you build your case later on.

As you watch other players, keep an eye out for suspicious behaviors, such as players wandering aimlessly or avoiding tasks. Impostors often try to blend in, but careful observation can unveil their true intentions. Don’t hesitate to share your observations with other crewmates during emergency meetings, but be cautious not to make baseless accusations.

Learn the tasks in Among Us

Learn How Tasks Work: Blend In with the Crew

You’ll be busy completing tasks around the spaceship when you’re not in the middle of heated debates. Understanding how tasks function is essential for two reasons: first, it helps you appear as a legitimate crewmate, and second, it grants you insights into the impostor’s tactics. By knowing the intricacies of tasks, you can spot discrepancies between what’s claimed in discussions and the game’s actual mechanics.

Each map in Among Us has unique tasks that crewmates must complete. Familiarize yourself with these tasks and their locations to avoid appearing suspicious. Remember, completing tasks visibly in front of other crewmates can build trust, demonstrating your commitment to the ship’s mission.

Tend to sabotages quickly!

Fixing Sabotages: Swift Response Saves the Day

Impostors can unleash chaos by causing sabotages throughout the ship. When you notice a sabotage alert, act quickly to fix it. Cooperative and efficient crewmates can minimize sabotage’s impact and maintain smooth gameplay. However, be cautious during these moments, as impostors may use these opportunities to isolate and eliminate unsuspecting crewmates.

When responding to a sabotage, move swiftly to the affected area, but be wary of going alone, as the impostor might be waiting to strike. Coordinate with other crewmates and consider using emergency meetings to discuss the best course of action.

Call an emergency meeting when things are fishy

Utilizing Emergency Meetings: Calling for Justice

Don’t hesitate to call for an emergency meeting when you have a gut feeling about someone’s guilt or have concrete evidence. Gather everyone and present your findings calmly. Remember, evidence is crucial, and baseless accusations can lead to the wrong crewmate being ejected. The art of persuasion plays a pivotal role here; use your observational skills to back your claims.

Timing is key when calling emergency meetings. If you have strong evidence, calling a meeting early can prevent further sabotages and save innocent lives. However, avoid spamming emergency meetings without substantial reasons, as it can disrupt gameplay and lead to distrust among crewmates.

Travel in groups in Among Us

Moving in Groups: Safety in Numbers

Remember the old saying, “United we stand, divided we fall”? It rings true in Among Us. Stick together with other crewmates whenever possible. This strategy makes it harder for impostors to strike without witnesses. If you spot someone acting suspiciously, don’t hesitate to point it out to your group. Impostors are less likely to go for a kill if they’re closely monitored.

Forming alliances and moving as a group can also help eliminate the impostors more efficiently. But beware of impostors who pretend to join your group to gain your trust before making their move. Always stay vigilant and prioritize your safety.

Make sure to complete all your tasks

Completing Tasks When Dead: Ghostly Duties

Once you meet an untimely demise, your journey is not over. Ghosts can continue completing tasks to support the remaining crewmates. Being a ghost offers a unique perspective, as you can navigate through walls and keep an eye on the living crewmates. However, resist the temptation to reveal information directly to the living, as it can spoil the game’s essence.

As a ghost, your primary objective is to assist the crewmates without disrupting the impostors’ gameplay. Focus on finishing your tasks and providing subtle clues during discussions to help the crewmates identify the impostors.

Sometimes you need to skip vote in Among Us

When to Skip the Vote: Exercising Caution

Voting to eject a crewmate is a double-edged sword. While removing an impostor is crucial, an innocent crewmate’s ejection benefits the impostors. Exercise caution and analyze the available evidence before casting your vote. If you’re uncertain, it might be best to skip the vote and continue gathering information.

Skipping the vote is a wise decision when there is insufficient evidence to make an informed choice. However, be mindful that impostors might use this hesitation to manipulate the discussions further. Be prepared to defend your decision during the next emergency meeting if necessary.

Creating a Route: Strategic Navigation

As you familiarize yourself with the spaceship’s layout, consider creating a planned route for completing tasks efficiently. By following a specific path, you can avoid backtracking and minimize the chances of encountering impostors alone. Additionally, familiarize yourself with common meeting spots, as they are ideal locations to exchange information with others.

Your route should cover high-traffic areas where other crewmates will likely be present. However, be prepared to adapt your route based on the situation and any information gathered during discussions. Flexibility is key to staying one step ahead of the impostors.

Use Cameras and Security Systems: Extra Eyes Everywhere

Cameras and security systems are valuable tools for crewmates. Monitoring these systems can provide critical information about players’ movements and interactions. However, remember that experienced impostors may know how to avoid the cameras’ sightlines, so use this tool with other tactics.

To maximize the cameras’ effectiveness, coordinate with other crewmates to have someone watch the cameras while others complete tasks. You can spot any suspicious behavior in real-time and act accordingly during emergency meetings.

The chat in Among Us

Pay Attention to What People Say (and Don’t Say): The Art of Verbal Clues

During discussions, spoken words (and sometimes left unsaid) can provide crucial hints about players’ roles. Listen for inconsistent alibis, overly aggressive behavior, or attempts to divert attention from themselves. The impostor’s goal is to deceive, so pay close attention to their choice of words and tactics.

Pay attention not only to what is said but also to what is not said. If a crewmate remains unusually quiet or avoids participating in discussions, they might be trying to hide their identity. Engage with all players during discussions to gather as much information as possible.

Learn all the maps

Learn the Maps: Know Your Environment

Familiarize yourself with the various maps in Among Us, each presenting unique challenges and opportunities. Understanding the layouts, vents, and high-traffic areas will empower you to navigate effectively and anticipate the impostor’s movements. Mastery of the maps is key to outplaying your opponents.

Take the time to explore each map thoroughly during your play sessions. Pay attention to vent locations and common paths used by impostors to escape or reach their targets quickly. This knowledge will prove invaluable when making decisions during discussions and voting.

Check the task bar progress

Pay Attention to the Task Bar: A Telltale Sign

Keep an eye on the task bar during discussions and voting sessions. The task bar updates when crewmates complete tasks, and this information can be a powerful tool to corroborate alibis or expose impostors. However, be aware that the task bar updates differently depending on the game’s settings, so consider this factor when analyzing the information.

A fluctuating task bar can indicate whether crewmates are completing tasks or impostors are pretending to do so. Use this information to your advantage when trying to identify impostors during discussions.

Bait the Impostor in an Area of High Foot Traffic: Trapping the Deceiver

If you suspect a specific player of being the impostor, lure them into a busy area where other crewmates are present. The pressure of being watched might cause the impostor to make mistakes or expose their true nature inadvertently. However, exercise caution, as skilled impostors may use this tactic against you!

Baiting the impostor requires good communication and cooperation with your fellow crewmates. Work together to coordinate this strategy and ensure that the impostor doesn’t escape your watchful eye.

Sometimes it's all in the name

Additional Tips and Tricks for Crewmates: Evolving Strategies

As you delve deeper into the world of Among Us, experiment with various strategies and adapt to the evolving meta. Share your experiences with other gamers to gain new insights and learn from each other. Remember, the best crewmates are those who can think on their feet and react swiftly to changing circumstances.

Embrace the game’s dynamic nature and be open to trying out new approaches. Each match presents a unique challenge, and no two games are alike. With time and experience, you’ll hone your crewmate skills and become a formidable force against the impostors.

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