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The Mario franchise has dipped its toes in more genres than I can count. Sports games are high on my list of priorities, so I’m really excited about Mario Golf: Super Rush! The latest entrant to the Mario Golf series is a refreshing take on a relatively slow-paced activity.

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Is Mario Golf: Super Rush a Hole in One? – Polygon

Golf is often labeled as a sport that you play in retirement. You don’t need to be agile to play and having a muscular physique isn’t necessary. Lucky for us, the folks who create Mario games tend to spice things up a bit!

From the upbeat music to the wacky special shots, this latest Mario Golf title can quickly get you excited about playing a round of 18. But is it enough?

The game gives you 16 characters at launch, and I’m hopeful that the devs will introduce new ones down the line as DLC. Unfortunately, there are only 6 courses to play through. I know it’s unfair to compare it to the likes of PGA Tour 2k21, but that game boasts 33 more courses than its Mario counterpart! This is definitely an area of concern for replayability.

Super Rush has the standard power and accuracy meters for hitting the ball, so Mario Golf vets will feel comfortable here. You can easily change you club, put spin on the ball, and adjust the type of swing your character performs. Additionally, the devs took advantage of the motion controls of the Joy Cons for the players who enjoy a more authentic experience.

Mario Golf’s visuals and animations look great! Character models are fairly detailed and there’s a nice look and feel to the courses. As you move through the course, you’ll even get a chance to interact with the environment (watch out for sheep)!

On the innovation side, Super Rush introduces two new game modes: Battle Golf and Speed Golf. Battle Golf reminds me of a king of the hill mode, except you need to capture golf holes around the arena. Speed Golf lets you race around the course while knocking opponents, and their balls, out of your way.

Unfortunately, you can only play on one stage for Battle Golf. This is surprising given the variety of maps that are available in Mario Kart balloon battles. Again, the developers will need to introduce more arenas for this mode to keep players satisfied.

Mario Golf: Super Rush also has a story mode! It’s been described as “short” and “uninteresting” but will give you something to do when you are playing solo. You can beat it in a few hours, so it might be a nice Saturday afternoon activity.

Overall, it seems like Mario Golf has some gems in the new modes, but is unfinished when it comes to depth. The bigger publications are giving it great reviews, but you’ll need to be your own judge when it comes to Super rush.

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