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Loop Hero is about going in a loop. It’s not graphically intense, especially in a world of lifelike 3D games, but the game mechanics are super cool!

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We’ve got tons of details about Loop Hero as well as a 10-minute clip of gameplay!

Loop Hero banner

Loop Hero is the Next Never-ending Journey – Gamespot

Loop Hero was first revealed at the Game Awards by developer Four Quarters. The game combines deck building with RPG elements to manifest a unique loop of obstacles.

You’ll notice two main areas to the game: your home base and the looping battle area. In the former, you can upgrade items to make your battles go more smoothly. Meanwhile, in Loop Hero’s loops, players set their character on an automated journey where they attack monsters and collect resources.

You’ll die a lot in this game, which reduces the amount of resources you bring back to camp, but you also have the option of returning to base with more loot. If you’re able to reach the boss at the end of the loop, your character will need to defeat one last monster before returning with all your items.

As mentioned earlier, Loop Hero goes back a few decades graphically with sprite-based artwork. The designs are fairly detailed, but definitely not as high fidelity as a game like Demon’s Souls.

Loops are randomly generated, so each battle will be differently from the last. Players can place buildings and structures along the loop to help their character progress. Loop Hero’s constructible items can grant buffs, attack enemies, and increase your chances of making it out of the loop alive!

Additionally, the card system is intriguing in Loop Hero. While some cards provide a very straightforward benefit, others carry some additional risk of making your journey tougher. Players will need to build a strong set of cards, mixing and matching different cards to maximize your loot obtained from the loop.

Since combat is automated, Loop Hero keeps players engaged by allowing you to modify your character during the loop run. You’ll upgrade your character, unlock new heroes, equip stronger equipment, and be able to tackle even tougher monsters.

Back at your camp, there are elements of base building to be explored. The game gives me some Clash of Clans feels as you expand and upgrade Loop Hero’s camp.

Apparently the tutorial for Loop Hero doesn’t give you too much context or direction, so make sure to watch the footage below for some tips. Loop Hero releases this year on Steam and could be a nice gem for gamers who want a roguelike with plenty of tactical potential!

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