LCS Super Week Full Recap

Super week is here! The LCS Spring Split 2023 enters its final week with three days to play. With the standings incredibly close, this last week of regular season play leaves three teams on the cusp of making playoffs. Additionally, there are another four playing for incredibly important seeding

LCS Spring Playoffs

The top six teams make playoffs, with the top four starting in the upper bracket and the bottom two in the lower. WIth the tournament format being best of 5 (bo5) series’, a loss in the upper bracket will drop you down to the lower, giving you a second chance. Meanwhile, a loss in the lower bracket means elimination from the tournament and a potential appearance at the Mid Season Invitational (MSI). 

Day One of LCS 3/15:

Day one kicks off with FlyQuest vs. Cloud 9. Both teams sit tied for first at 12-3, fighting for that coveted top spot. The benefit of having the best record is a first-round bye in the upper bracket. Sadly, this was not the epic battle for first place that many of us sought. C9 absolutely dominated FLY, with Emenes continuing to look like the top mid-laner in the LCS. Jungler Blaber accounted for six of the twelve kills for C9 as they improved to 5-0 over their last five games. C9 continues to steamroll their way into playoffs. 

Rattling off some other games from day one, Counter Logic Gaming takes a win over Golden Guardians, improving to 8-8 on the season. After starting 0-2, GG won seven straight games, but has been stifled the last few weeks. GG drop to 9-7 as CLG appear to be a dark horse in the push to make playoffs. 100 Thieves crawled back from a nearly 10k gold deficit, led by Doublelift’s massive carry with a scoreline of 11/2/9 on Jinx, to take the win over TeamSoloMid. 100T take their third win in a row after a noticeable midseason slump for the team. 

Immortals posted potentially the largest upset of the day, beating Evil Geniuses. While IMT has already been eliminated from playoff contention, and EG has locked a spot, this loss will certainly affect seeding in what should’ve been a simple win for the EG squad. It’s important to note that EG has been playing at home rather than in the LCS Arena these last two weeks because of illness that has affected the team. EG fall to 10-5. 

Team Liquid faces a tall task this week, needing to win all three of their remaining games to have a chance at making playoffs. Three wins would have them finishing 9-9. This scenario gives them no guarantees of making it straight into playoffs and would more likely result in a tiebreaker. The win came fairly easily for TL, with a pop off performance from rookie mid-laner Haeri, who has notably struggled in his first season in the LCS. CoreJJ recorded his 2,600th assist in this game, continuing his reign as one of the league’s most talented and veteran supports.

After Day One, the standings are as follows: 

1. C9: 13-3

2. FLY: 12-3

3. EG: 10-6

4. GG: 9-6

T5. TSM: 7-8

T5. CLG: 7-8

T5: 100T: 7-8

8. TL: 7-9


10. DIG: 2-14 (ELIMINATED)

Day Two of LCS 3/16:

Day two starts with a 100T vs EG.  A win for 100T will give the team a chance at a tiebreak at a minimum. After losing to IMT, EG could drop out of the upper bracket, if their losing ways continue. 100T pick up their fourth win in a row, as the team looks dominant against EG. Bjregsen recorded his 600th game in the LCS as the team moves to 9-8, and EG falls to 10-7. TSM takes on DIG, as they still fight for a playoff spot. Veteran LCS top-laner Hauntzer is subbed in for Solo, who has had a noticeably bad split so far. The roster move appears to work wonders as TSM picks up a win, and Hauntzer posts a scoreline of 4/1/9. It is his first game back in the LCS in over two years, as he helps keep TSM’s playoff hopes alive. They improve to 8-9. 

TL faces another do-or-die game against CLG. A win for CLG would eliminate TL, and guarantee the team a tiebreaker at a minimum. While Haeri had a massive performance on Akali the previous day, the rookie was hyper-focused by CLG’s mid and jungle, dying three times before the 10 minute mark, and adding little positive impact to the team for the entirety of the game. TL goes out with a whimper as CLG eliminates them. This is the first split in recent history that TL hasn’t made a playoff appearance. The massive upset from an org that has been historically dominant, and had a massive overhaul, spending big in the offseason, will surely lead to further changes ahead of the Summer Split.

C9 easily handle IMT, as they continue to look like the most dominant LCS team. WIth a win tomorrow, and a loss from FLY either today or tomorrow, C9 will lock in first place for the regular season. While FLY has already locked playoffs, they need wins in their next two games to keep their chances at a number one seed alive. Meanwhile, a win for GG would secure their spot in playoffs, as they continue to search for that 10th win on the season. With FLY’s convincing win over GG, they turn their focus to winning their last game. However, they will need C9 to lose as well, if they wish to play for the first seed. 

After Day Two, the standings are as follows: 

1. C9: 14-3

2. FLY: 13-4

3. EG: 10-7

T4. GG: 9-8

T4. CLG: 9-8

T4. 100T: 9-8

7. TSM: 8-9

8. TL: 7-10

9. IMT: 4-13

10. DIG: 2-15

Day Three of LCS 3/17: 

With three teams eliminated, day three still offers a ton of potential shakeups of the playoff bracket. There are scenarios for a potential five extra tiebreaker games. 

The day starts with potentially its biggest upset. CLG topples C9, breaking their five-game win streak, and opens the option for a first-place tiebreaker if FLY can win later today. CLG started aggressively from the start of the game. There were able to snowball into a very convincing win against the top-ranked team. FLY continued to pour on the excitement, as they beat TSM, sending them to our first tiebreaker versus C9. The winner will finish first for the regular season and be the number one seed for the playoff bracket. This loss for TSM eliminates them from playoff contention and secures a playoff spot for GG, 100T, and CLG. With the top six teams secured, the rest of the games will deal with placement for the remaining teams in playoffs. 

While TL are already eliminated, they hand EG their third loss of the week to EG, who continue to struggle massively going into playoffs. A win for GG and 100T in their upcoming games would result in a four-way tie for third place. As upsets are the trend of Day Three, DIG pick up their third win of the entire split, taking out GG. With this loss, GG cements themselves in sixth place. In the organization’s history, they have never recorded 10 wins in a single season, and it appears they will have to wait another split to reach that goal. 100T continue their huge playoff push, beating IMT, and taking their fifth win in a row. This win secures their spot in a tiebreaker against CLG. The winner of this game will play EG for the third-place spot. 

While C9 stumbled in their final regular season game, they certainly righted the ship in their tiebreaker versus FLY. In this matchup, they secured their second decisive win against FLY in the last three days. C9 finished their domination with the first overall seed in the Spring Split Playoffs. FLY will end their season in second, hoping the best-of-five format will work in their favor if they run into C9 again. 

100T continue their miracle run from eighth place at the start of the week as they beat out in convincing fashion in their first tiebreaker match. With immense confidence on their side, 100T handle a shaky EG, giving them their 6th loss in a row, as 100T take their seventh consecutive win, and finish in third place. EG finishes fifth and will join GG in the lower bracket. Even with their loss to 100T previously, CLG will finish fourth and slot into the upper bracket, because of their winning head-to-head record against EG in the regular season. Doublelift receives the player of the week award, as his pop off performances, on Jinx in particular, were crucial to 100T’s success. It would not be surprising to see that champ banned away from 100T in the playoffs, as it is comfort for the veteran.

The LCS Regular Season Spring Split concludes as follows: 

Week 8 Standings
2023 LCS Spring Split
Photo Credit: @LCSOfficial on Twitter

Coverage of the Split Split playoffs begins Thursday, March 23rd as FLY takes on 100T in the first Bo5 of the season. Check back here next week for all coverage of the LCS!

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