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At the top of the hour, we’ve got news about an upcoming strategy simulation game. Mars Horizon’s beta launches this week, with plenty of space agency action!

Mars Horizon Wishlist

Race to Space in Mars Horizon – Polygon

Mars Horizon puts you in the driver seat of your very own space agency. Think of it as the inception of NASA where you get to make all the decisions that take your team into the great unknown.

Just like the 20th-century race to the moon, you’ll be tasked with being the first to land there in Mars Horizon. The player is in charge of everything from vehicle customization to the creation of research labs.

Mars Horizon’s turn-based missions reward you with scientific advancement to help you along the journey. The game’s description references a tech tree that reminds me of the research tree from Civilization games.

There’s also an element of diplomacy, where you can partner with other competing agencies. I hope to see some impactful consequences from the decisions you make with and against computer players.

While launching a craft into outer space is a major undertaking, it’s only part of the battle! Mars Horizon sets you up with new challenges once you reach orbit and tests your problem-solving skills.

There’s a PC beta test running from April 27 – May 4 – you can sign up here – so check out their Steam page if this sounds like something that should be in your gaming library!

Breaking Down Spacecrafts – IGN

Keeping up with the space them, Hardspace: Shipbreaker has the player extracting valuable materials from vehicles in space. You’ll have some nifty equipment to help break things down, but it gets dangerous out there!

The game combines a risk-reward element of strategy with heart-pounding action. We’ll see it in early access on steam this year as well as PS4 and Xbox One.

No Man’s Sky Update – Gamespot

Developer Hello Games continues to amaze me by adding new content to its ambitious space exploration game. With the third space-related article in this week’s roundup, we’ve got plenty of things dropping into No Man’s Sky.

Players get things like a new exosuit backpack, additions to the shop, and new weekend missions. The devs said they want to release more regularly so I’m sure there will be plenty more to see from No Man’s Sky in the coming months!

Stay Active With VR – CNET

With many of us staying indoors, it can be tough to get enough physical activity throughout the day. A new virtual reality fitness game just launched to help alleviate this issue.

Supernatural is essentially a VR fitness version of Netflix, where you pay a monthly fee to have access to intense workouts. The trailer highlights energizing music and plenty of fun movements. You can pick up the app for Oculus Quest and start your 30-day trial now!

Friends Doing Friend Things – Games Radar

Some friends decided to make a Diablo-inspired game in lieu of a buddy’s bachelor party. Using real-world materials, a GoPro and plenty of ingenuity.

The game is dispersed through several different houses and the creators used various audio and video software to bring everything together. Check out the video below to be truly impressed and inspired by their greatness!

VR Wizardry – Geeky Gadget

The Breath of the Witch is a non-linear VR action adventure. The game takes place in the fictional Castle of Brievnink, where the player assumes the role of a cynical Wizard character who sneaks into the castle to discover the terrible fate to which he is doomed.

Based on the short clip, this game probably isn’t for the feint of heart. There are plenty of dark corridors, up-close melee action and an eerie sense of quiet. The concept is really cool though and you can read more updates on their website!

Crash Bandicoot Mobile – Gamespot

The endless runner mobile game has been done hundreds of times, with everything from Temple Run to Mario Run. Now, one of Sony’s most iconic characters is entering the scene!

In Crash Bandicoot mobile, you eventually get to fight some evil minions after completing “awesome battle runs”. It’s currently available in certain regions so check out the Play Store to see if you have access.

Gears of War Meets XCOM – Vice

When I picked up Mario Rabbids, I didn’t expect to like the XCOM-style battles. I was pleasantly surprised and am now equally excited about the upcoming Gears Tactics game!

One unique feature is the ability to turn downed enemies into power-ups. This adds to the recognizable enemies, vicious fights, and unique customization that already make the game great.

The game launches today so you can start your campaign RIGHT NOW!

World’s Smallest Handheld Gaming PC – PC Gamer

The GPD WinMax looks like a strange, miniature Chromebook combined with an even more strange Xbox controller. Its description says you can run AAA titles at 60 FPS, but this will depend on the game that you’re running.

GPD offers a high-res touchscreen, ultra-durable joysticks, high-reliability shoulder buttons and a pretty beastly cooling system. I’m not exactly sure who this product is targeted for but it does seem more powerful than the portable-leading Switch.

Check out all the specs here and let me know if you’ll be picking up this tiny laptop!

Peaky Blinders Game – Gamespot

If you’ve watched Peaky Blinders, you’ll be happy to hear that a puzzle-adventure game is coming based on this series!

In Peaky Blinders: Mastermind, you take control of the show’s infamous characters to pull off elaborate plans in sync with the rest of your squad. Each character has a unique skill set that can help you pull off the plan. If you’re unsuccessful, you can rewind a character’s path and retry for better coordination. 

It’s set for a Summer 2020 release in the Steam store and you can add it to your wishlist to be notified about the launch.

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