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At the top of the hour, we’ve got an update from Blizzard’s hit team-based shooter. Overwatch introduces a long-awaited hero to the mix. Echo hit the PTRs and has been causing quite a storm online!

Overwatch Echo

Echo Comes to Overwatch – Polygon

Blizzard has kept Overwatch fresh by adding new heroes and modes over the last several years. Last year, we were introduced to the barefooted, floating tank, Sigma. Last week, Blizzard announced the introduction of hero 32, Echo!

The brainchild of scientist Dr. Mina Liao, Echo was created to show that AI technology could advance humanity. Sadly, Dr. Liao died in an attack, but Echo carries on her legacy and mission.

Echo is a DPS character, with high burst damage and one of the most insane ultimates I’ve ever seen! The ult allows her to become an enemy player and build the duplicated hero’s ult charge very quickly. Some online gameplay has shown the opportunity to get up to 3 enemy ults in the duration of Echo’s ult!

She also has the ability to fly and float, giving her really great flank potential. Her projectile ammo definitely will take some getting used to, but the burst potential is insane.

The hero is available to play on PC in the Public Test Realm so you’ve got a chance to try her out before the nerfs start setting in. I assume Echo will receive at least two nerfs to her kit before she’s playable in ranked play.

Reports suggest that she’ll be available for everyone sometime in March. Check out Stylosa’s commentary and gameplay of Echo below for some awesome previews!

Steam Sets a New Record – Games Radar

Sticking with the Overwatch theme (and filling the creator section for this week), someone made a real-life Doomfist gauntlet and it’s wild!

Zibartas built the arm from scratch, with lights, moving parts, and a pressure sensor. He’s also got some intense spine armor that seems to be controller by his brain, so swing over to his YouTube channel for some creator inspiration.

My #Doomfist gauntlet is nearly done..? Almost a year into the project. ? Thank you for following and supporting me, it means so so much!!❤️ @PlayOverwatch @adafruit @TITANSofCOSPLAY #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #doomfistcosplay

— Zibartas Cosplay (@zibartas) June 26, 2018

Relaxing Video Games for All – Nerdlist

A lot of people are stuck at home right now, and the stress of being couped up can easily get to you. Thankfully, Nerdlist put together a list of 6 relaxing video games that are sure to keep you in a zen state.

The Average Gamer favorite, Stardew Valley, made the list as well as some game that I’ve covered in the last few months. Islanders looks really interesting and I’ve heard great reviews about Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Let me know what other calming games you’re into in the comments section!

A Clever Fix for Faulty Joy-Cons – Screen Rant

The Nintendo Switch is a fantastic console, bringing AAA portable gaming to the masses. Sadly, the controllers, affectionately named Joy-Cons, are notorious for having drift issues with the joysticks.

Now, instead of dropping $70 on a replacement set, you can pick up JoyCon Droid from the Google Play Store. As the name suggests, you can use your Android phone as a Joy-Con, and it even has the functionality to imitate a Pro Controller!

Check out the public alpha to see if this can be a good solution for your Joy-Con woes.

Using an Android phone as a JoyCon from r/NintendoSwitch

PS5 Specs Announcement – The Verge

We all know that Microsoft and Sony are working on their respective next-gen console, but there’s been a lot of speculation about what would power these machines. Last week, Sony lifted the hood on the PS5, talking more about the SSD, ram and some interesting audio features.

We know the console will be fast, but apparently it isn’t as fast as the Xbox Series X. The specs aren’t that far off and I’m guessing that the Sony exclusives will help propel the console ahead of Microsoft’s offering.

Stay tuned for more details as they released!

Zelda-Inspired VR Action – Geeky Gadgets

Virtual reality hasn’t exactly taken off yet, but developers are continuing to push the bounds of the technology. Isekai Entertainment is working on an anime, action JRPG, taking inspiration from our favorite green-hatted hero. Check out the description below and accompanying video to get a preview of the upcoming VR game!

After a thousand years of peace, the boiling tensions between the “kingdom of man” and the elemental lords continue to escalate. Seeing that the threat of a catastrophic war is imminent, the Guardian Magnus uses his powers to summon you the “Hero” to his realm, to become his new apprentice. The Guardian explains to you, that he believes the Elemental lords have grown too powerful and as legend goes, only a “true hero” from a faraway land, can bring balance, peace, and prosperity to all the realms.

Xbox Series X Details – Polygon

Sony wasn’t the only one to share more details on a console last week. Microsoft revealed full specs for the Xbox Series X last week!

One major feature is the DirectX raytracing, which better simulates the properties of light and sound in real-time. I’m interested to see how developers will take advantage of this to bring us even more life-like visuals.

Surprisingly, Microsoft also announced that players will be able to play old games on the Series X, with improved boot and load times, more stable frame rates, higher resolutions and improved innovation. We’re only 9 months away from Christmas time so we should be hearing more in the coming weeks!

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