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At the top of the hour, we’ve got all the updates from Nintendo Direct Mini. The Partner Showcase had a little bit of everything, so you’re sure to find something exciting in 12 minutes presentation!

nintendo direct mini

Nintendo Direct Mini – IGN

Last week was an exciting time for Switch owners, with gameplay reveals for many intriguing titles. Nintendo Direct Mini showed off everything from rhythm games to fighters to classic RPGs. Here’s a quick blurb on each game announced during the Partner Showcase:

Overall, the Nintendo Direct Mini was a much-needed celebration of gaming that continues to expand the Switch library. You can catch the full 12-minute video below to see all the gameplay from last week’s Nintendo Direct Mini.

Duos Megaman – Nintendo Life

Megaman set the standard for retro blaster platformers, and many games have followed its successful formula. In Mighty Gunvolt Burst, experience the pixelated goodness as Gunvolt and Beck!

You’ll trigger burst combos, be able to customize on the fly, and enjoy 245 pixel stickers. Use the HD rumble on Switch to find hidden treasures on your journey to defeat powerful bosses! Pick up the standard or collector’s edition now if you’re a fan of the Megaman series.

Amazon’s new MMO – IGN

Following the disastrous launch of Amazon’s Crucible, I’ve had fairly low standards for their online RPG, New World. People have gotten their hands on an early build of the massive war game, and the reviews are fairly mixed.

The art style looks great but you spend a lot of time either waiting or running around. New World’s combat system has the potential to be very deep but can get repetitive.

Amazon delayed the game until Spring 2021 so hopefully, they can get some of the kinks worked out over the next 6 months.

Relaxing Puzzler – Polygon

The Last Campfire places you in a “charming but dark world”, solving puzzles and exploring the mysterious environment. Its main character is reminiscent of a sack boy, but the story is much more evolved than Little Big Planet.

There’s also a mode where players can simply roam about, appreciating the beauty around you. It’s available now on the Epic Games Store and has been described as very relaxing and laidback.

Pokemon GO Meets The Witcher – Gamespot

The most recent release of the Witcher has been touted as one of the greatest games of all time. Now, you can experience the magic of monster-slaying while out in the real world!

The Witcher: Monster Slayer has a very similar feel to Pokemon GO or Harry Potter Wizards Unite, except now your slashing monsters to pieces. No release date on this yet, but you can sign up on their website to be notified when it’s available.

Better Than Starfox – Gamespot

Chorus is a gritty space shooter that pulls you into the high-speed action. Last week’s trailer shows off flashy explosions, impressive movement, and an eeriness that only space can recreate.

One of the taglines is to ‘become a living weapon’ so I expect there will be plenty of customization of your ship. Chorus is slated for a release sometime next year on console, PC, and Google Stadia.

FPS on Loop – Polygon

The concept of Live, Die, Repeat has been done a few times, and it’s always a challenge to balance an appropriate learning curve with an acceptable level of difficulty. In Lemnis Gate, you bend time to replay 25-second rounds, learning from your previous mistakes, and improving on strategy each time.

The devs reference the ‘butterfly effect’ and how all your in-game actions are tied to one another. Lemnis Gate will bring 2- and 4-player team-based battles to consoles and PC early next year.

Portable Nintendo Wii – Nintendo Life

Creator spotlight time!! GingerOfMods managed to stuff the components of a Nintendo Wii into a fully-portable, handheld system. The end result is something that would make a Switch jealous.

The console plays Wii and GameCube games, has a fairly large screen, and all the buttons you’d need to enjoy your favorite games. Check out the video to see 9 months of video game brilliance come to fruition!

New PvPvE Shooter – WCCF Tech

If you’ve seen any of my streams from The Cycle, you’ll be familiar with the player vs player vs environment genre. At its core, you deal with elements of CPU hostiles as well as human opponents.

Observer: System Redux is the latest game in this space, letting players partake in a VR tournament to take home a prize. The cyberpunk world is dark and futuristic, as though Ready Player One had a creepy spin put on it.

You can pick up the demo now on Steam ahead of the Holiday 2020 launch.

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