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At the top of the hour, we’ve got an update from Square Enix on one of their popular JRPG franchises. Fans of the NieR series will be happy to hear that the developers are bringing the game to mobile!

NieR Reincarnation

Pocket-Sized NieR – Anime News Network

NieR games have brought action RPG stories to the gaming world for almost a decade, with the most recent release receiving high praise from critics and fans alike. The games feature epic music soundtracks, incredible visual effects, intense battles and incredibly crafted stories that draw you in for dozens of hours.

The titular character is equipped with various weapons, each with a level of customization that allows for variety in fights. NieR also wields magic to help combat the Shades, robots and beast who stand in his way.

Lucky for us, Square Enix announced that NieR would be making his first appearance on the small screen! It’ll be free to play, and, of course, allow gamers to purchase in-game items so the developers can make money.

The trailer for NieR Re[in]carnation – dope name – highlights the continued focus on great music and an alluring storyline. It’s unclear whether this is actual gameplay footage, but it looks great for a mobile game, nonetheless.

This project is a collaboration between Square Enix (producer), Applibot (developer) and CyDesignation (design). It doesn’t seem like NieR Re[in]carnation has a set release date yet, but I’ll keep an eye out for launch timeline.

Leave a comment below if you’re a fan of the series or will be trying NieR out on mobile!

Shocking Controller Mod – IGN

We all love the Super Smash Bros series, with a variety of characters and endless couch multiplayer fun! Some fighters are menacing, scary or borderline evil. Others are Pichu.

The adorable pre-Pikachu Pokemon is a mix of cuteness and electricity. Creator insertcontrollerhere is a fan of the mouse and also happens to be a fan of modding controllers.

In a recent video, he modded a Gamecube controller so that he would be tazed if certain Pichu moves were used.

I know it sounds crazy, but the video is both hilarious and inspiring. Check out his channel for more interesting controller mods!

Do a Good Job – Polygon

Another week goes by and most of us are still banned from the office. Luckily, Good Job! is now available to satisfy our need for being out in the working world.

You play the role of a terrible employee, who breaks practically everything while trying to complete minor tasks. You get points for finishing the job and are rewarded more for speed than for safety.

The cartoony design immediately evokes a smile and early reviews look very positive. Go check it out if you’re into puzzles and mayhem!

Call of Duty Updates – Gamespot

Many game companies are releasing updates this month and Infinity Ward is one that has been very busy. Warzone has been a hit since launch and their recent patch notes are impressive.

They’ve made changes across the standard Modern Warfare online experience, their battle royale, and the mobile game. Notably, they’ve added a new operator, a new map, and a new NVG mode.

Check out the full list of patch notes here!

FF7 Dialogue Rework – Gamespot

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake hit the scene a couple of weeks ago and the hype continues to build towards its release. Last week, Gamespot got some behind-the-scenes insights from the game’s writer. Specifically, Kazushige Nojima did a speed run of the demo while sharing his commentary about the game.

When Square Enix told me we were doing Remake, I first asked how much we could alter the dialogue because the dialogue in the original game was designed to be read by the player,” Nojima said. “It was not voiced. [Now that we] have these super realistic characters and performance, I have gone back and written in all the bits that were omitted because we didn’t feel we needed to go into that depth with the original’s simpler characters.

We’re less than two weeks away from release and I’m excited to get my hands on the full game!

Speed Up Your PS4 – The Sun

If you’re like me, you just put your PS4 in sleep mode every night before going to sleep. Unfortunately, this can often lead to slower performance as files become fragmented over time.

YouTuber John Glassock shares a quick fix to help give your console some more juice in the video below.

The process is called “rebuilding your PS4”, but it’s more straightforward than it sounds. The rebuild database feature will have your PS4 running smoothly a week before some Final Fantasy action!

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There were plenty of other highlights from last week but these ones really stood out. Be sure to check in next time to read about video game current events. 

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