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At the top of the hour, we’ve got new gameplay from the upcoming shooter RPG, Outriders. The latest footage shares aspects of monster hunting so check out the clip for some intense action!

outriders official reveal trailer

Monster Hunting in Outriders – IGN

People Can Fly pairs up with Square Enix to bring us Outriders, a dark co-op shooter set in a sci-fi universe. The game combines classic gunplay with an array of powers as you journey across a hostile land.

Outriders is described as having the “intensity of a shooter” with the “depth of an rpg”. This first descriptor is wildly apparent in the recently released monster-hunting footage!

We see ravenous beasts, huge explosions, loads of bullets, and some awesome ability usage from our outriders gang. Monsters look unique, challenging, and slightly terrifying.

Outriders’ bosses move quickly and strike even faster. There’s a heightened sense of urgency as you’re forced to fight an overpowered beast while fending off smaller minions.

This Outriders footage also shows off some of the terrains we can expect in the full game. Even in the desperate landscapes, it’s cool to see patches of lush greenery that is eventually covered in the blood of your enemies.

As with most RPG shooters, you can choose from one of several classes to fit your playstyle. Each outrider has its own skill tree, resulting in different builds for each class.

You can pre-order Outriders now for the Holiday 2020 release!

PC Building Simulator DLC – PC Gamer

Building PCs is fun, but building PCs in a program on your PC is a level of inception that I couldn’t resist. PC Building Simulator is exactly what it sounds like, and the developer just released some new DLC last week!

This $13 update includes a new Esports campaign filled with sponsors, tournaments and new computer components. You can pick up PC Building Simulator today on Steam.

Call of Duty Season 5 – IGN

I’ve recently started getting into Warzone and I’m excited about the latest season in Call of Duty. The free DLC offers changes to both Warzone and the standard multiplayer playlists.

Season 5 brings map changes, new modes, fresh weapons, and loads of cosmetics. Warzone is free-to-play so now is as good a time as any if you haven’t already tried it out!

Wipeout Reincarnated – Forbes

Fans of Wipeout or F-Zero can experience more of the classic anti-gravity racing in the upcoming combat racer, PACER. Coming to console and PC, players will customize their vehicles and race through 14 unique tracks.

If you’ve never heard of the aforementioned games, just imagine Formula One racing on speed. You can join the race starting on September 17!

Pikmin 3 Coming to Switch – Polygon

It’s been 7 years since we’ve heard any news of Captain Olimar and his trusty Pikmin. Last week, Nintendo announced a Deluxe version of the 2013 Wii U release which will bring the tiny critters to the Nintendo Switch!

Pikmin 3 Deluxe is filled with clever puzzles, towering monsters and various biomes to explore. This version will also include a co-op mode so you can team up with a friend. Pick up this cute puzzler on Switch starting October 30th.

Build Your Criminal Enterprise – PC Invasion

Yakuza Empire puts you in the driver seat of a growing gang, expanding your territory and destroying any rivals who get in your way. The trailer shows off bloodshed, torture and a bit of management as you look to become the most powerful criminal.

If drug smuggling and underground fight clubs aren’t enough for you, there’s also turn-based combat to test your strategy muscles. The first step to your Tokyo takeover is adding Yakuza Empire to your Steam wishlist (no official release date yet)! 

Halo 64 – NME

Microsoft and Nintendo will likely never share their primary intellectual property, however, that doesn’t stop fans from combining things on their own. In this week’s creator spotlight, a fan created a Nintendo 64 version of the recently announced Halo Infinite!

The scenery is true to both the halo world and the N64 capabilities. We see a little bit of gunplay, a Mario star, vehicles, and a trailer for Death Stranding on Ps1. Check out YouTuber Hooloppe’s page for more awesome recreations!

Outlaws and Legends – Polygon

In a corrupt state, it can be difficult to distinguish between good and evil. Hood: Outlaws and Legends lets your reclaim the land but there will be plenty of other warriors looking to strike back at you.

There are elements of teaming up with other warriors, but there are no specifics about whether this is a co-op game. Take back what was stolen next year on PS4 and PS5.

Manage Castle Black – Gamespot

In Game of Thrones: Tales of Crows, you manage the recruits and expeditions beyond the famed wall. This Apple Arcade game builds on the narrative of the show and reveals previously unknown history about the Night’s Watch.

As a ‘real-time idle game’, your expeditions will continue to explore even when the game is closed, allowing for progression at all hours of the day. Face new dangers, make new allies and continue to hold the wall on most Apple devices now!

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