Last Week in Gaming – May 21, 2019

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We read a ton of video game articles each week and wanted to share some of our favorites with the Average Gamer community. We’ll feature everything from previews to reviews and everything in between.

The articles we share will be from a combination of well-known sources (like IGN) and more niche blogs that you may not have heard of. In the inaugural TAG Roundup post, I talked about several games highlighted by FF7, Monster Hunter World, and Overwatch.

Without further ado, let’s jump into last week in gaming.

YouTuber creates a Gamecube Mini – The Verge

Over the last couple of years, the big game companies have been shrinking down the size of their older consoles to feed off our sense of nostalgia. We wrote about how we would structure the Playstation Classic, but the gaming gods didn’t hear our cries…

Since then, many retro consoles have been released. Unfortunately, we still haven’t received word about a re-release of Nintendo’s iconic cube. In today’s world of creators, it’s only a matter of time before someone takes matters into their own hands.

Madmorda gutted a Wii console to create his Gamecube mini, with modifications, and the end result is a masterpiece. Check out his creation below:

New Premium Controller for PS4 – Digital Trends

The stock controllers for game consoles are great for the majority of gamers. For people who want to take things more seriously, and use more than 4 fingers at a time, there are all sorts of pro controllers.

I’ve been using the Scuf controller for about a year now and it’s a game changer (no pun intended).

Recently, Astro just started selling the C40 series of controllers. The module customization of the hardware looks sleek but I’m wary of the durability of these replaceable parts. If you get one of these, let me know your thoughts!

11 Upcoming Switch Games – Esquire

The Switch is a great console for all ages. Recently, I’ve been addicted to Pokemon Let’s Go.

I never had the chance to play Super Mario Maker on Wii U but all the reviews say it’s amazing. I’m really excited for the sequel, Super Mario Maker 2, coming June 28th on Switch and hope that I can create some time in my gaming calendar for this one.

My Friend Pedro looks like parkour mixed with Max Payne with a little silliness on the side. The trailer somehow feels light and heavy at the same time, and I sense a dose of Stick Figure death in the fighting mechanics.

More Scariness in the Woods – Kotaku

Darkwood was announced 6 years ago as a wooded survival game. Many of the original features announced in 2013 were featured in since-released games (starting up generators, crafting survival tools, reinforcing your based, etc.).

From the article, the game has several slow parts. If you can be patient through hiding from baddies, you’ll be rewarded with a deep feeling of accomplishment having survived another night.

That’s All For Now

There were plenty of other highlights from last week but these ones really stood out. Be sure to check in next time to read about video game current events. 

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