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At the top of the hour, we’ve got updates on the newest AAA game to hit the VR market, Hitman 3. The devs talk about what makes this game so unique and even show off some gameplay!

hitman 3 official hd trailer

Assassinate People in Virtual Reality – Push Square

For two decades, Hitman has put gamers in control of a hired killer, exploring crowded events in search of your mark. Hitman 2 was well received in its 2018 launch and last week, we received word of the 2021 sequel!

Hitman 3 is the final of the World of Assassination trilogy, bringing closure to the three-part series. These titles remaster and enhance some of your favorite missions from prior releases.

Additionally, Hitman 3 will be available in full VR, giving you a first-person lens into the dangerous world of Agent 47. You’ll be able to wave your arms through the air to bonk someone on the head, reach around the enemy’s throat to execute a choke kill, and aim your hand around corners to fire at on-coming bad guys!

I haven’t used a PSVR yet, but I have used the move controllers. They’re well-designed and surprisingly responsive, but I’ve yet to see a game replicate the accuracy and precision of using a controller to aim a weapon. Hitman involves a good amount of melee weapons, so this may not be a major issue.

The development team talks a lot about the minor details of the game’s environment, emphasizing how a player can get easily sidetracked. There are plenty of interesting conversations, intriguing items to interact with, and 20 different locations to explore.

From the gameplay trailer, the visuals look great and the actions appear smooth for Hitman 3. Virtual Reality is perfect for bringing players closer to the action so Hitman feels like a natural choice to port over.

The game is slated for a January 2021 release across consoles and PC. Death Awaits in Hitman 3 VR!

New Sony VR Headset – Tom’s Guide

Speaking of VR, we’ve got a new headset on the way! It’s been confirmed that the PSVR will be compatible with the PS5, but a recent job listing stated that Sony is working on an entirely new headset:

We are developing a head-mounted display for next-generation VR, and we are in charge of mechanical design of barrels and small and lightweight housings that support optical systems, heat dissipation design, and development of jigs for optical system evaluation.

The listing is for Sony as a whole versus just Playstation so it’s unclear whether this will be a PSVR successor or something completely different. Hopefully, we’ll hear more details when the PS5 launches later this year!

The Last of Us Part 2 Updates – Polygon

Less than two months after its release, we’ve already got our first major update for The Last of Us Part 2! Naughty Dog introduced Grounded Mode, a permadeath setting, plenty of visual effects filters, and accompanying trophies for those who complete the game with any of these tougher settings.

I loved the story of TLoU Part 2, but I can’t imagine going through this game with permadeath turned on. For reference, here are some deaths which will make you feel bad for the player, laugh for a bit, or a combination of the two!

Amazon Launches Prime Gaming – Hollywood Reporter

Amazon Prime subscribers could already get some juicy rewards via Twitch in the past, but the e-commerce behemoth just announced what seems like an extension of this. Prime Gaming will offer in-game content and free games to anyone who has a Prime membership.

It feels like a rebrand of Twitch Prime, but I’m optimistic that the gaming community will reap additional rewards out of this change. Go check it out to see if there are any freebies available for your favorite games!

New Dinosaur Hunter – Gamespot

I grew up with Turok being the best dinosaur hunter around. Almost 30 years later, Second Extinction is shaking up my understanding of who should be fighting dinosaurs.

As with many games in the last fest years, Second Extinction launched in early access, and will gather feedback from the community. What’s cool about this game is that the dino threat adjusts to how the players perform during missions.

No word on how long the game will stay in early access, but you can add it to your Steam wishlist now!

New Strategy RPG – PC Invasion

Tears of Avia is an upcoming JRPg with tactical turn-based combat, choice-driven decisions and hand-illustrated locations. Your world is torn by war and you must build a party to venture out in the abandoned cities.

Each character has their own abilities, bringing some customization to your combat. There’s an element of strategy where you can combine abilities to create powerful combos. This will likely appeal to many fans of the JRPG genre so head on over to Steam if this sounds like your type of game!

Apex Season 6 – Polygon

While my playing time on Apex Legends has taken a bit of a dip, I’ll likely get back into it once Season 6 arrives. The update brings a new legend, map changes, new weapons and a crafting mechanic!

Rampart is a turret-equipped legend that looks to have high damage output potential. As expected, we’ll also have a bunch of new skins, but no new map for now.

You can download the free update starting August 18th!

Fortnite Battles All – The Verge

Fortnite has dominated for years and doesn’t look to be going anywhere anytime soon. Since coming to mobile, they’ve brought hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue to the Google Play and Apple stores.

That all stopped last week.

Fortnite has been kicked from both mobile stores and released the following video to express their distaste for the big guys (based on this original 1984 ad). The problem is, they’re really all just big guys!

Ultimately, all three companies will be fine, but it’s interesting to see the drama that unfolds!

More Godfall Updates – Gamespot

Godfall looks to be one of the biggest launch games for the PS5, with looter-slasher featuring co-op action on Sony’s next-gen console. With a mix of gear customization and skill-based actions, you upgrade your character using Valor Plates to create the ultimate warrior.

There are five weapon types, each of which represents a different class in the game. Shields can be used aggressively and have their own skillset. 

Overall, Godfall looks like an incredible action game with crazy potential to dominate at the end of this year!

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