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far cry 6

Far Cry 6 Leaks – Gamespot

Breaking Bad is one of my favorite TV series of all time. When I saw the show’s Giancarlo Esposito starring in the latest Far Cry 6 trailer, I knew got goosebumps from his potential return to villainhood!

Last week, we received a 4-minute trailer of suspense, featuring El Presidente, his heir, and a rather upset mob. The dramatic reveal will have you on edge as you watch the chaos.

In Yara, the ‘jewel of the Caribbean’, guerrilla fighters have taken to the streets to oppose their rule. Far Cry 6 challenges you to trust Giancarlo’s (Anton’s) vision but also to be wary of his intentions.

Following the leak, the devs confirmed the upcoming game in last weekend’s Ubisoft Forward event. Additionally, Giancarlo supplemented the event’s announcements with an IGN interview, sharing his thoughts on Far Cry 6.

Lastly, we got a title sequence trailer for Far Cry 6, which showed an array of concepts that will be in the game. The video shows everything from gold bars to drugs to what I’m assuming is pesticides.

Restoring the nation to its former glory is a huge undertaking! Far Cry 6 is described as an “adrenaline-filled, chaotic world or a modern-day guerrilla revolution” and is sure to be an intense entrant in the series.

Far Cry 6 will offer a free upgrade path from PS4 to PS5, which is great for anyone who doesn’t plan on picking up the next console at launch! Pre-order now for the February 18, 2021 release!

Backyard Brawling – Gamespot

WWE 2K Battlegrounds brings the excitement of wrestling to some truly unique settings! Fight it out in swamps, camps, and more as you compete to be the champion of the ring.

Battlegrounds features some of my favorite characters, including Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock. You can play locally or online across all current-gen consoles starting September 18th!

Polymega Finally Arriving, Maybe – Nintendo Life

The Polymega has made it’s way to Last Week in Gaming at least a couple of times over the last year. This retro console supports some of the greatest video game consoles from the past and has built up quite a bit of hype over the last few years.

Beta units have been delivered after several delays and the developers said the base units will launch on November 15th. Let me know if you plan on picking up the Polymega in the comments section!

The Next Shadow Warrior – Gamespot

Shadow Warrior has a history of being hilarious and bloody, similar to the Deadpool series. In Shadow Warrior 3, the upcoming sequel introduces a grappling hook to give you even more movement options.

The trailer shows off some devastating kills, fluid animations, and witty commentary. Check out the Devolver Direct reveal here for more details on the upcoming title, planned for a 2021 release!

Sidescrolling 8-bit Action – IGN

Panzer Paladin was announced at last year’s Pax East, and we now know that it’ll launch this year on July 21st. The game looks and sounds a lot like Megaman, but instead puts you in control of a robotic mech.

One of the unique elements of this game is the ability to fight outside of the mech, similar to how D. Va operates in Overwatch. You’ll gain new abilities and become stronger through the journey, taking on ever-challenging meanies. Pick it up on either Switch or Steam for an awesome throwback sidescrolling challenge!

Tropico 6 New DLC – IGN

Tropico has developed a name for itself as being a deep city building game, with heavy elements of politics, resource management, and planning. The latest update to Tropico 6 brings new maps, songs, buildings, customizations, and traits to an already rich game. 

If you’ve ever dreamt of being the dictator of an island, you should definitely take a look at some Tropico gameplay. You’ll find a good balance of humor, strategy and you can even play online with friends!

Facial Mocap App – Endgadget

Live Link Face let’s anyone with an iPhone capture and animation facial expressions on a real-time avatar. It was designed for both professionals and amateurs and is available now in the Apple app store!

This is a huge development that will likely lead to some incredible creations from the gaming community. No word yet on whether the app will be ported to Android, but it’s at least a great start to open things up the general public!

50 Best Video Game Characters – Esquire

Doing a “top X of Y” type list is always tough, but it’s especially difficult when the pool of choices is so large. In the video game world, there are literally thousands of characters. Esquire’s Brady Langmann actually put together a list of his top 50 best video game characters of all time!

The list includes some of my personal favorites like Sephiroth, Samus, and Kirby. There are also some surprises like ‘the ball from Madden’ and Regis Philbin. Check out the article for the rest of Brady’s picks!

Stealth Gunslinging – Gamespot

In Desperados 3, players can experiment with different ways of approaching encounters by looping through scenarios. The quick-save + quick-load mechanic allows you to approach a fight one way, learn from your mistakes, and then try again with additional knowledge. 

Its mix of gunplay and stealth makes for an interesting flow through the game’s revenge story. The game has received high praise since launch and you can pick it up now on console an PC!

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