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At the top of the hour, we’ve got an announcement trailer for an upcoming JRPG called CrossCode. It looks great and will be hitting the digital shelves on July 9, 2020!


CrossCode is the Latest 2D JRPG – IGN

If you’ve checked out our content page, you probably know that we really enjoyed The Secret of Mana. There aren’t many co-op RPGs that I’ve enjoyed more than this SNES masterpiece!

CrossCode looks like an amped-up version of SoM, with improved graphics, UI and customization. The trailer has me really excited and I think any JRPG fans will want to pick this game up!

It has a sci-fi storyline, where the protagonist needs to restore her memory by playing an MMO. Interestingly, CrossCode is both the name of the game and the name of the in-game virtual world.

As players progress through CrossCode, you’ll meet new friends and discover how your character got stuck in the game. The battles look intense, from boss fights to swarms of smaller minions. Puzzles will test your wit and it looks like you can assemble different folks in your party for added customization.

CrossCode’s release trailer shows off beautiful environments, witty dialogue, and awesome music and I’m excited to see more gameplay next month! Check it out on Switch or PS4 and let me know your thoughts!

The Unliving Exclusive Alpha – Gamespot

The Unliving puts you in the shoes of a necromancer, commanding an army of undead. You’ll face increasingly difficult swarms of enemies from peasants to holy priests.

Gamespot got their hands on the alpha and shared gameplay on their site. It looks like a unique mix of classic real-time strategy games and dark fantasy. Your necromancer character can even resurrect fallen enemies to expand your current army!

The Unliving is set for a 2021 release date and you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.

Post-Apocalyptic Farmland – Polygon

I feel like I’m talking about Stardew Valley on a daily basis these days…

Atomicrops is what Stardew Valley would be if there as a constant barrage of bullets flying across the screen. You still get the benefits of farming, but you’ll also need to be prepared for more regular battles.

There’s an aspect of exploration as well as you’ll need to find new crops and upgrades along your journey. Check out this unique mash-up on Steam in September 2020!

Fear the Cold – Go Nintendo

1971 Project Helios is a turn-based strategy RPG similar to XCOM or Mario v Rabbids. Your party needs to work together in a hostile world to find a scientist who could possibly save the world.

There’s a good bit of resource management and skill tree progression in this game, creating a challenging environment to navigate as your tactics are tested. 1971 has eight characters to choose from and looks like a pretty awesome spin on this genre.

Grab it on PC and console today!

Alex Kidd Remastered – Endgadget

Even though I wasn’t born yet when the original Alex Kidd came out, I’m surprised that I’ve never heard of this title. The platformer looks similar in style to Sega’s Sonic series and is receiving the remaster treatment on console and PC!

Alex Kidd DX will feature a retro mode, alternative boss fights, and new levels. This cool little sidescroller will be available in the first quarter of 2021.

Super Smash Bros Controller – Nintendo Life

Super Smash Bros has been a fan-favorite in the fighting game scene for decades, evolving gracefully through each generation of Nintendo’s consoles. A recently-canceled Kickstarter sought to make the fighting experience even better with a revamped gamepad.

Labeled as “the first Smash Bros. Ultimate controller with a dedicated smash/short hop attack button, the ‘Duelist’ wireless gamepad was meant to give folks a new way to play. The full video and details are intriguing but the developers canceled the Kickstarter to incorporate fan feedback into a revised product.

Hopefully, this thing comes back better than ever in the future!

Rhythm Action FPS – Gamespot

If you’ve ever played DDR, Rock Band, or Beat Saber, you should feel right at home playing Metal: Hellsinger. The game mixes timing-based attacks with hardcore music and monsters for a devilishly good time!

In the alpha gameplay, we get to see slicing and shooting demons as you march through hell. Hellsinger will be launching next year on current and next-gen consoles + PC.

Edgy Co-Op RPG – Gamespot

Almighty: Kill Your Gods has some serious Dauntless vibes, with its huge boss battles and co-op gameplay. Additionally, the game has elements of base-building as you rebuild your home island with the remains of your foes.

Combat involves magic gauntlets and summons to help you bring down enemies. Players can choose from various character classes and fight through changing environments. 

There’s no planned release date yet but you can add it to your Steam wishlist now!

Intense Pixelated RPG Action – Gamespot

In a world where humanity has fallen, you play through a medieval rebirth of the world as a warrior seeking revenge. No Place for Bravery features a father-son duo (oh, hi God of War!) in this barren wasteland.

Combat relies heavily on combos and the trailer shows of some devastating kills. Instead of the traditional XP leveling system, the devs opted for a system where the player earns upgrades. No Place for Bravery launches on Switch and PC in 2021.

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