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At the top of the hour, we’ve got some early thoughts on The Command and Conquer Remaster release. Fans of the original RTS game are treated to improved graphics and some of your favorite missions!

Command and Conquer Remastered

Command and Conquer Gets Remastered – Polygon

Command and Conquer was my foray into the real-time strategy world, with fast-paced battles and elaborate base building. It launched in 1995 and was received with high praise from the gaming community.

In this age of remasters, it’s no surprise that CNC was given a 21st-century makeover. The Command and Conquer Remastered Collection includes content from 5 different games to take you back to the 90s of RTS.

Graphics engines have come a long way in the last 25 years, and this remastered release offers 4K resolution in stunning detail. Players can see the chaos of battle up close with upgraded animations.

The devs brought some nice quality of life changes too. Command and Conquer’s UI got a facelift, making it easier to navigate the game menus and tasks. Things are more intuitive and you get a better overall experience with this new version.

Command and Conquer also gives you an option to create and share custom maps, bringing lasting replayability to the game. Additionally, players can adjust settings to include features that weren’t in the original release.

With a $20 price tag, Command and Conquer Remastered delivers a pronounced upgrade and is well worth the price of admission. Pick it up from the EA site to test your strategy skills!

Scarlet Nexus is Available for Pre-Order – Tom’s Guide

If you can believe it, you can now pre-order your first game for either the PS5 or the Xbox Series X!

Scarlet Nexus is a very interesting looking game that blends kinetic combat with strange-looking plant monsters. The trailer reminds me a lot of Control, but with an anime twist.

The game boasts 100 hours of story-driven RPG action with unique combat mechanics. Its Amazon listing shows a December 2021 release date, which is likely a placeholder to avoid giving away the launch date of the next-gen consoles. 

Sidescrolling Battle Royale Madness – IGN

I’m glad to see a developer putting their unique spin on the battle royale genre. Soviet Jump Game is Super Mario Bro’s weird cousin who is so interesting that you need to meet.

As you scroll through the vibrant levels, you can pick up powerups, go through pipes, and battle with the other 29 people looking for glory. The game is in early access on steam and will likely appeal to any fans of Broforce.

Total War Saga for Free! – Slashgear

Creative Assembly is giving away its upcoming Total War Saga for free if you head to the Epic Games Store on August 13th. Total War Saga: Troy will be an Epic Games Store exclusive for the first year, then will hopefully make its way to Steam.

The gameplay trailer highlights some cool features in the upcoming games:

  • Terrain affects
  • Weight classes for infantry
  • Hero challenges

If you like war games, it’s worth checking this out for free in a couple of months!

Best Mobile RTS Games – 148apps

If you’re looking for a new RTS to play on the go, this list has you covered! These games are typically reserved for the PC due to the complex nature of the genre, but some developers get it right for mobile as well.

Iron Marines looks the most interesting to me with its Starcraft-esque gameplay. It’s an older game (2017) but has great graphics, a long campaign mode, and smooth gameplay.

Check out the rest of the list for more suggestions!

New Dauntless Escalation – Go Nintendo

I’ve been playing a ton of Dauntless lately and have really enjoyed the escalations. In these round-based challenges, you go up against increasingly difficult behemoths. If you perform well enough, you’ll enter an intense boss fight with awesome loot potential.

The latest escalation brings umbral versions of your favorite behemoths and a new boss: Thrax. You can test your grit in Call of the Void on June 11th, 20202.

Epic Knight Battles – Bleeding Cool

Knight Squad is rightfully described as “Bomberman meets Gauntlet”. Up to 8 knights get to battle it out with a slew of weapons. It originally released on Steam and is now available on Xbox One and Switch!

What makes this game interesting is the variety of game modes. You can play anything from capture the flag to domination soccer (which looks surprisingly like 2D Rocket League). There’s even a leaderboard to make things more competitive beyond just destroying your friends!

Splatoon Reimagined – Comicbook

If you are a Nintendo fan, you’ve probably heard of the Splatoon games. Cute, colorful characters use unique battle mechanics to wipe out their enemies in an almost-friendly manner.

Ninjala looks to take the things we love about Splatoon and put a ninja stamp on the gameplay. Players can glide through the air using bubble gum, throw shurikens and bop their foes on the head with oversized mallets. 

Ninjala hits the Nintendo eShop on June 24 and I’m curious to see if it can give Splatoon a run for its money.

Grappling Hook Platformer – Nintendo Everything

If you’ve enjoyed Give Up Robot then you will definitely need to check out Remnants of Naezith. The developer said the game “focuses on having freedom of movement, solid character control and not having any speed limitations.”

In this platformer, you use a grappling hook to navigate ridiculously difficult levels, where pretty much anything can kill you. At times, these games can be frustrating, but they are also so satisfying when you actually complete a level.

It launched on Steam a couple of years ago and is now available on the Switch!

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