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Couch co-op is one of my favorite genres, especially while we’re still quarantining. It Takes Two combines elements of action, shooter, puzzle, and platform games into a unique blend of split-screen mayhem.
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It Takes Two splitscreen co-op

It Takes Two Transforms Couch Co-Op – Rock Paper Shotgun

Hazelight Studios is well-known for its split-screen adventure A Way Out. Its next project continues the co-op mayhem in a story about learning how to work well with your partner after being transformed by magic.

It Takes Two starts out with a sad beginning, but the resulting change from humans to toy dolls allows for interesting gameplay mechanics. Each of the characters will have unique abilities and you’re complemented with some gnarly weapons!

While the game is described as an action-adventure platformer, the trailer shows off levels that are varied and intriguing, separating it from your typical platform title. I felt similar vibes to the Ratchet and Clank franchise, but there are also maps that resemble Little Big Planet.

In It Takes Two, your abilities will actually change throughout the story. Depending on your character, you’ll be tasked with different objectives.

Surprisingly, It Takes Two doesn’t go the collectibles route. Collectible items have all but become the norm in these types of adventure games, but the devs instead chose to focus on environmental complexity.

I appreciate the details in the level design! There’s clearly a lot of thought put into how the characters interact with their surroundings. It seems limitations are removed and full flexibility is given to the characters.

Hazelight also built in plenty of mini-games to shake up the natural flow of the story in It Takes Two. The mini-games shown in the trailer will excite those familiar with Mario Party, and there was even an ice-skating race for the speed demons out there!

If all this sounds interesting to you, check out It Takes Two when it releases on console and PC on March 26th!

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