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Breath of the Wild is a masterpiece which offered beautiful visuals, engaging story, and impressive mechanics. While Ultra Age is a smaller adventure than BotW, it offers many of the features that we appreciate from the most recent Zelda, while adding a fresh perspective!

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Devil May Cry Meets Zelda in Ultra Age – Kotaku

Age, the titular hero, must save humankind from extinction. Armed with an array of weapons, a flying robot, and an insane pool of attacks, this JRPG looks like an absolute blast!

Where Breath of the Wild leans heavily into exploration, Ultra Age places a larger emphasis on combat. You fight through different types of biological and robotic enemies as you progress through the story. Depending on the foe, a specific weapon will do additional damage, similar to the damage mechanics in Dauntless.

Like in BotW, weapons have a limited durability to them. It seems like the more of a certain type of weapon you have, the higher overall durability of that slot. Once the durability hits zero, you can do a special attack that does AOE damage to nearby opponents.

Age can quickly swap between weapons, and even receives a buff from linking together strikes with different weapons. In this sense, the game rewards players who utilize numerous attack types in order to clear the hordes!

Each sabre has a skill tree to improve the effectiveness of that weapon. You essentially collect points then level up areas of a weapon to suit your playstyle.

Additionally, you can level up your floating robot friend. These upgrades give you buffs like improved healing or more frequent scans on the map.

Another thing that separates Ultra Age from BotW is the inclusion of an ultimate attack. Once you’ve built up enough charge, you can trigger an ability to increase your critical hit rate, speed, and damage.

Bosses in Ultra Age can be particularly challenging, so this game may frustrate more casual gamers. However, the more you practice the attack mechanics, the more you’ll be able to pull off scary combos.

Last but not least, Age is equipped with a grappling hook for both movement and combat. You can quickly traverse the map, or pull enemies toward you.

Ultra Age plays great on the Switch or PS4, and is also set to release on Steam. You can try out the demo for free before jumping into this Breath of the Wild-like adventure!

Do you think Ultra Age looks better than Breath of the Wild? What game mechanics are you most excited about? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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