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We’ve been knee-deep in Valheim for the last month or so, but Icarus is looking to make waves in the survival genre. Terraforming an alien planet is tough, but hopefully, you and up to seven other friends can figure out how to stay alive in treacherous environments.

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Can you survive the many threats of Icarus? – Screen Rant

I don’t think I’ve been this captivated by a video game trailer in a long time. In the 7 minutes it took me to get through the backstory, I realized multiple times that I wasn’t blinking.

Icarus evokes feelings of Interstellar, Outriders, and No Man’s Sky. It’s you against the planet and it’s up to your team to figure out the best way to complete each mission.

Everything is harvestable in Icarus. You can collect resources from rocks, trees, bushes and more by wacking at the nearby items.

The game is aesthetically pleasing, with great textures and fascinating in-game physics. Storms are dangerous so you’ll want to build shelter immediately to brace against the fierce wind and rains.

This Massively OP article shows off a vehicle in Icarus, so it’ll be interesting to see what movement capabilities your explorer has.

Icarus Highlights

Icarus defers from most other survival games in that you are tasked with completing missions. Your team will drop onto the planet, complete the mission, and then head back to your orbiting ship to upgrade.

We’ll see upgrades on both the ship and the planet, allowing you to upgrade your gear as you progress. There are also RPG elements to your player’s stats that lead to your core vitals improving as you get stronger.

One thing that I’ve wanted from Valheim is a compass, and I was pleased to see one at the top of the Icarus HUD. This just makes things so much easier to communicate directions to your squad and navigate through the wilderness.

There’s an emphasis on acquiring exotic materials from the planet. These rare items can be engineered into advanced technology. Players start out with a simple bow and arrow, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see guns and lasers later in the game.

The Icarus devs haven’t given us a release date yet, but their Steam page states the game is “coming soon”. Add it to your wishlist to hear future news about the upcoming survival title!

Let me know your thoughts on where Icarus will be the next big survival game in the comments section, below!

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