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Civilization is one of the premier turn-based strategy games out there. Humankind hopes to build on Civ’s successful formula with an innovative take on the genre.

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Humankind on gamepass

Humankind Takes Civilization to the Next Level – WCCF Tech

The biggest draw of Humankind is having the opportunity to combine different cultures. As you progress through Earth’s timeline, your civilization will gain the benefits of past peoples in a dynamic evolution of the human race.

Given the 60 available cultures and numerous eras, Humankind suggests players can create “millions of combinations” allowing for endless replayability. Civ did a great job of providing a high replay value without combining cultures, so this seems like a huge win if the devs can pull it off correctly!

Humankind awards you for making an impact in the game. Your decisions and achievements will increase your fame, with the end goal of becoming the most impactful leader.

Coming from Civilization, I really like this game mechanic. In the former title, past wars don’t really have an impact on your future gameplay, aside from an occasional warmonger penalty. Humankind gives your decisions more weight by assigning a point value to each action.

There are also plenty of unique characters and animals in Humankind. The game features 129 units, 45 animals, and avatar customization on the level of The Sims! Additionally, players can explore 10 different biomes to discover the wonders of the world.

It seems the devs are trying to emphasize the tactical strategy potential of battles. You can call in reinforcements and use the terrain to your advantage to gain a leg up on your opponent.

Even though these games are great in solo campaign mode, they are often even better with friends. Humankind lets you customize 10-player games for the ultimate world domination simulator. These types of games usually last several hours, so you’ll likely need to play things out over several sessions.

Humankind launches on PC and Stadia today, with Game Pass members getting immediate access. This game has lofty ambitions and is already seeing great feedback from the community!

Will you be giving Humankind a try? What civilizations are you looking to combine? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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