How To Win More Rocket League Games

Rocket League is an uber-popular esports rocket-powered car soccer video game that has been endeared by so many for the past five and a half years. Millions of gamers around the world are still playing the phenomenon.

In the past, I’ve walked you through a Quick Chat Guide and Player Stereotypes List. It’s about time I help you win more Rocket League games!

Now, Rocket League guides and tutorials litter the internet. If you want to learn how to do a fast kickoff or a flip reset, the material is there. If you need help with your positioning or rotational skills, just look for guides.

In my guide, I’m going to break things down to give you a game plan. By the end, I’ll even share the secret recipe to give you the edge over everyone else in Rocket League! Let’s get into it!


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It should be no secret that mechanics in any type of competitive game is of the utmost importance. In shooters it’s obvious. Games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Rogue Company, and Valorant demand reticle control and individual game-specific mechanics that can set you apart from everyone else. 

Rocket League is no different. 

Whether you are a bronze looking to simply make solid contact with the ball or a champ looking to hone your dribbling and aerial control, there will always be a mechanical skill out there for you to work on. Ignoring mechanics will put you at a disadvantage against other players in your Rocket League skill range and prevent you from improving.

As they say – practice makes perfect.

Game Sense

Game sense comes in a few different versions. Some people call it positioning, others call it gamer IQ. The sentiment is the same. Even a chimp could be taught to perform commands to a certain extent. Without the ability to process scenarios and make proper decisions, you will be lost in the sauce. 

For example, a game like Overwatch relies on teams working together toward a common goal. At a macro level, that means pushing together and retreating together. At a micro level, individuals need to ensure they are optimizing their hero’s role and the decisions accompanying that. Should the supports be in front of the shield tanks? Probably not. Should you continue to slowly walk into a choke that is defended by a pirate ship (Orisa, Sigma, Bastion, etc)? Only if you like losing.

Game sense applies to Rocket League in the same way. Even if you can’t perform some of the advanced mechanical skills, being in the right position at the right time can take you a long way. Conversely, you could be a mechanical god, but if you are constantly in the wrong position or not playing well as a teammate, you will lose more games than necessary. 

Pulling It Together

Deciding which is more important has divided many player bases. Should I work on my technique or learn winning strategies? Which should be learned first in my Rocket League career? Which is most important? Depending on who you ask, you will get one of these schools of thought. Most likely, the person will be pretty adamant that they are right. 

I, however, fall somewhere in the middle. In Rocket League, it is important to develop your individual skill and game sense roughly at the same rate. We’ve all been in a game where an opponent or even a teammate is making plays that we have yet been able to learn. But, they play like a bonehead and throw the game. Potentially more triggering is when you feel mechanically superior but the opponent sits in net and counters all of your miscues.

This is why I advocate for consistent development in your Rocket League journey. Make sure you are keeping up with the mechanics at your rank while at the same time knowing how to rotate and position yourself vs your peers. It is a myth that rotations should happen the same at silver as they do at Super Sonic Legend.

Coordinate the development of your Rocket League mechanics and game sense and keep this secret weapon in your back pocket. 

Rocket League Tilt Factor 

Men Dump Their Anger Into Women | Angry meme, Rage faces, Funny faces

That’s right, the X-factor not only in competitive gaming but in many facets of life. How many times have you become frustrated to the point of making bad life decisions? You don’t have to answer that right now.

In Rocket League, thanks to the chat feature, you have a weapon of mass destruction at your disposal. Whether or not you accept the tactic as fair game or a bit dishonorable, no Rocket League player can say that he/she has never experienced a bit of rage in a game.

There are countless ways to be set off. Your opponents could be spamming you with sarcastic quips. They could be demoing you nonstop (or at all). You could be forced to watch every replay until completion. Perhaps even more tilting, your teammate could be firing toxicity at you or constantly cutting rotation. Or, they could just in general be having a bad game and not playing up to your standard. Who knows!

The thing to remember is how it makes you feel and, subsequently, play. Once you get mad, a lot of game sense goes out the window and you start playing hero ball. To prove all other players on the field wrong, it’s time to start making clip-worthy plays. And what usually happens, you whiff, you miss open nets, you get dribbled and end up getting more enraged until you ultimately leave the match or turn off Rocket League altogether.

Brutal. We’ve all been there.

Harness The Power

Now, I’m not saying you should become a toxic player in an already fairly toxic Rocket League gaming community. However, I’m NOT saying you shouldn’t add a little gamesmanship here and there. A properly timed “Nice shot!” or “What a save!” could cause your opponent to lose focus just long enough for you to secure a win in an evenly-matched game. At the same time, a message-sending demo could cause an opponent to look for retaliation and walk into a nasty dribble or hesitation move you set up. 

Rocket League games are five minutes long but can sometimes be won in one of only a handful of moments presented in the game. Having the mental edge over a game that, for the most part, does a good job in skill-based matchmaking can put you over the top.

One thing to remember whether you are on the delivering or receiving end of these types of tactics is that it is just a game. At the end of the match, a “gg” can go a long way!

What Is Your Rocket League Secret Weapon?

What do you think? Is attempting to tilt your opponent(s) fair game? Also, do you think mechanics or game sense is more important? What is the most important aspect of winning in Rocket League? Let me know in the comments below about things you do to win more Rocket League games.

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3 years ago

Thanks for the tips – I hope to climb out of bronze one day. When getting trolled I’ve found it therapeutic to go for the demo-kill once in a while, scoring points is only half the game after all.

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