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Streaming on a platform like Twitch can be a great way to showcase your gaming skills. More often than not, having expert-level reflexes and precision are secondary when attempting to grow a channel.

We got an exclusive interview with upcoming Twitch streamer HercDaConqueror, who shared his streaming journey and tips for aspiring streamers. If you’re considering starting your own channel, check out the insights he shared from the conversation! 

Streaming Beginnings in the Gaming World

Two Average Gamers: How’d you get into streaming? What’s your origin story?

Herc: Video games and football have always been my biggest areas of focus. They’re my getaway from reality and have allowed me to form bonds with people I would have never expected to. After watching a few streamers, I started thinking about how I could stream my own gameplay. I was hesitant at first since I didn’t have a lot of equipment, plus I think I’m just okay at video games. Some of the people I had met in the gaming community pushed me to do it and I finally gave in. I went from not streaming at all to having 5 friends in my stream at a time. They started boosting me up which led to me investing more in my setup.

TAG: What’s unique about your channel?

H: I’m just a regular person having fun playing video games. Most of the time, I play multiplayer games since I like gaming with my friends.I think the pandemic really changed the way we interact in the world and stay connected. Streaming on Twitch enabled me to safely enjoy the company of my crew online rather than just playing solo. One thing that’s unique is that I’ll always start out my stream by doing pushups! My chat can be petty at times and will use their channel points to make me do pushups at a moment’s notice.

Growing your Twitch Channel

TAG: We’ll let you get away with downplaying your gaming abilities for now. What tips do you have for streamers looking to grow their channel?

H: My number one tip is to network, without making it seem like you are only here to network. The people who have helped me grow my channel are people that I genuinely care about. Because of that mutual bond, they are always looking out for me. When you start networking, have a goal of engaging in genuine interactions with individuals. Make sure that their thoughts and opinions align with yours.

TAG: What tools have you used to get your stream to its current state?

H: Outside of building my PC and peripherals, I use OBS studios to stream my gameplay. I finally invested in a stream deck which has made it easier to create an entertaining atmosphere on my stream. I also use Twitch Guru to give shoutouts to individuals in my stream.

TAG: What do you have planned in the future for your stream?

H:  I want to get an additional camera so I’m not switching back and forth when I do my on-stream exercises. I also want to upgrade my GPU to a 3080 to make my games run more smoothly. Eventually, I’ll get some decorative backdrop so people aren’t looking at a plain wall. I’ve considered getting a green screen, but I don’t need anything. 

On the Future of Twitch

TAG: If you could change one thing about Twitch, what would it be?

H: My biggest thing is to have Twitch help with exposure to minorities. I feel like they have dedicated times – ie. Black History Month or Pride Month – that are good to feature minorities on the front page. I don’t understand why this isn’t a more regular thing. Meanwhile, we have a category for pools and hot tubs! There are tags that enable streamers to label their channel, but why can’t users filter by these tags on the front page? This would generate more exposure to each group and make people feel appreciated for what they do.

TAG: That’s a great recommendation! Have you considered trying any other platforms to stream?

H: I haven’t, only because Twitch has been the easiest for me. Everyone who I’ve met through streaming has been on Twitch. It’s unclear whether other platforms could give me better exposure right now, even though I don’t have any specific targets for growth. I’m doing it for fun and hopefully to broadcast the skills I have. I could stop streaming tomorrow and still be perfectly happy.

TAG: Fair points. What’s something that’s been frustrating about Twitch?

H: The DMCA stuff really grinds my gears! Someone who pays for a Spotify premium service should be able to use said music on another platform. I’m paying for access to that music and I feel there should be some integration that would allow Spotify to play in the background. You shouldn’t get penalized for this when you are paying for the subscription.

On the Future of Gaming

TAG: Yea, we’ve seen many streamers get hit with DMCA violations. What are your thoughts on the future of gaming? Are there any trends you are particularly interested in?

H: The boundaries keep getting pushed every year. Look at cars – there are Tesla’s that drive themselves. 20 years from now, we could be playing video games in our sleep! Imagine having a gaming system that builds a world that you created in your head. Then you could layer on whatever social media aspects on top for an immersive metaverse.

TAG: What game release are you most excited about in the next couple of years?

H: This year is Back 4 Blood. That game has been on my wishlist since I heard about it in March. I was a huge proponent of Left 4 Dead, and this is basically a modern, harder version of that game. I’m also excited to see what Death Loop and Naraka Bladepoint will be like.

TAG: We heard good things about that beta! What about your favorite game right now?

H: As much as I hate Apex, I also love it at the same time. I do play Pokemon Unite as well, which has been taking a lot of my non-Apex time. It’s crazy because I’m not a fan of MOBAs, but since it’s Pokemon I am a huge fan. It’s like a simplified, more accessible version of League of Legends.

Rapid Fire

Mario or Sonic

H: Mario, but that’s a tough one.

Playstation or Xbox

H: Playstation all day

RPGs or Action-Adventure

H: Action-Adventure

Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter

H: Street Fighter…I hate Mortal Kombat

Best Mario Kart Game Ever

H: I like them all, but the original SNES one is still amazing

Best Zelda Game Ever

H: Ocarina of Time

Where to find Herc?

TAG: Thanks for all the tips! Now that people know a little about you, how can folks reach you?


TAG: Anything else you’d like to share?

H:  I’d much rather have 50 followers and have them be dedicated to watching my stream vs having thousands of followers but only a handful in chat.

We’re thankful to have streamers in the community who are willing to share their gems of advice for gamers looking to follow in their footsteps. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Herc’s progress as he continues to entertain on Twitch!

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