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Join us in building a community free of hate, where gamers can connect, compete, and collaborate

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Gaming is supposed to be enjoyable! There are thousands of games to choose from, so find the ones that you can have fun with.


If you want to improve at something, the resources and community are there to help you on your journey!


There are a lot of negative people out there. Don’t be one of them! We all get heated in intense moments, but remember to be kind.





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Best of TAG

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Rocket League is a popular esports phenom with an innovative way to communicate. It makes communication easy, but that can lead to toxicity.

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A Special Message from TAG

On April 23, 2018, lifelong best friends sharing a love for gaming, Yoshyaes (Fred) and Flash (Julian), published the first article for Two Average Gamers. Since then, they have been working to grow an inclusive community and brand.
If you are a part of the gaming community and would like to work with TAG, please email partners@twoaveragegamers.com to start a TAGership.

Our Mission &

Imagine a world where people can connect, compete, and collaborate. A community without hate, people supporting each other and bonding over shared interests. We’re building that world.

Join us as we hope you’ll be a part of it! Let’s build a community free of toxicity, with an emphasis on gaming and a passion for improvement from the greater Average Gamer community!

We're on a mission to connect, compete, and collaborate

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