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Plenty of developers are continuing to create games for the VR space, as evident by last week’s Oculus Gaming Showcase. The half-hour pre-recorded presentation shared trailers, game details and updates arriving for many popular virtual reality games!

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The Walking Dead saints and sinners on Oculus

Plenty of VR Games to Look Forward to on Oculus – Android Central

I’ve had mixed experiences with VR so far, from nausea-inducing gameplay in FrostPoint to challenging rhythm matching in Beat Saber. I’m still bullish on virtual reality as a gaming experience and continue to look at upcoming releases.

The Oculus Gaming Showcase is a great place to see what’s on the VR horizon! Last week, we saw some impressive previews for Facebook’s VR device.

What’s always intrigued me about VR is how you can be instantly teleported to a world that you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. The immersion aspect is why I think there’s a space for VR to exist alongside our standard console and PC games.

In the Showcase, two “scary” games were on display – Resident Evil 4 and Wraith: The Oblivion. For any RE fans, the former is a no-brainer, with many updates to the Gamecube original. For more of a thrilling mystery, check out the hair-raising trailer for Wraith.

From the creator of 1080 Snowboarding, we’re getting a revamped snowboarding experience on Oculus. I’m really curious to see how Carve Snowboarding allows you to use your legs to move down the slopes, and I was impressed by the multitude of tricks and options in the reveal!

One of my other past favorites was The Climb, a virtual mountain climbing experience. The sequel is now getting an expansion pack which introduces new levels and an innovative rhythm based climbing. 

I’m a big Walking Dead fan, but I’ve never actually played any of the games. The Oculus Showcase presented an update to the Saints & Sinners title which included zombie battles, fighting other humans, and rapidly collecting supplies. It could easily be one of the most exciting new releases this year based on the high praise on Steam.

There were a few other announcements at this year’s Oculus Gaming Showcase that I thought were filler, but it’s probably worth checking out all 25 minutes if you’re interested in VR. 

Will you be picking up any new VR games this year? Let me know what you are most excited about from the Oculus Gaming Showcase in the comments section, below!

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