Hero Changes Shake Season 8! Who Rules Overwatch 2 Now?

The dust has settled on the Season 7 battlefield and a new era dawns in Overwatch 2. Season 8 arrived on December 5, 2023, reshaping the landscape of heroes and strategies with a potent cocktail of balance tweaks. 

In addition to a nerf to hero switching (players now retain a maximum of 15% of ult charge instead of 25% when swapping heroes), there were a number of changes to the hero pool to shift the meta. Climbing the ranked ladder in this dynamic environment demands a keen understanding of the meta’s metamorphosis, and this guide is your compass through the chaos.

Blizzard’s tinkering has yielded an interesting new landscape. Some familiar faces retain their dominance, while others ascend from obscurity, their potential unlocked by subtle adjustments. Here are the champions poised to reign supreme in Season 8 of Overwatch 2.

The Strongest Tanks in Season 8 of Overwatch 2

Sigma from Overwatch 2


Sigma’s reign continues as one of the top picks this season. His Hyperspheres pummel enemies, his Experimental Barrier dances between offense and defense, and his Gravitic Flux remains a teamfight-devouring monster. 

He wants to play at his effective range of the Hyperspheres, so you’ll want to stick close to cover as you close the gap to your opponents. Master his mid-range pressure, and you’ll be an unstoppable force this season.

Even with the nerf to Sig’s Experimental Barrier – regeneration rate reduced from 100 to 85 health per second – he is still highly versatile and can put out an enormous amount of pressure on opposing heroes.

Overwatch 2 Sigma


This once-relegated brawler has received a unique buff, increasing the sustain of his ultimate ability. Doom will now regenerate 75 health per second while in the air during Meteor Strike. This gives Doom players the option of ulting to regen health, then continuing to deal damage vs just using it as an escape tool.

He is one of the most annoying characters to play against when players understand his engage cycle. Dive in, disrupt enemy formations, and secure eliminations or force cooldowns. Then, disengage until your cooldowns are back online and repeat the process.

Doomfist has a high skill ceiling which rewards players for patience and strategic positioning. Just remember, recklessness is your greatest foe.

The Strongest DPS in Season 8 of Overwatch 2

Tracer is one of the stronger DPS in Season 8


This Pulse Pistol predator received a buff to her damage output this season. Going from 5.5 to 6.0 damage per shot may not seem like much, but it equates to 20 extra damage to the body. This should mean a higher rate of securing kills, making her deadly in the backlines.

The queen of blinks and bullets is back with a vengeance. Her recent damage buff makes her a lethal flanker, leaving trails of eliminated enemies in her wake. As the squishiest of squishies, you need to have excellent target prioritization and try to go after isolated targets.

Hone your blink-and-shoot reflexes, and you’ll be a nightmare for any backline.

Echo is a great pick in Season 8


Even though this trickster didn’t receive any Season 8 changes, her versatility remains unmatched. Mimic enemy heroes, unleash devastating beams, and soar through the air, confusing and eliminating opponents with her unpredictable movement.

Echo can function as a flanker while also having the option to just poke against certain enemy compositions. You need to understand which opponents require which playstyle to get the most out of her kit.

Lastly, a good Echo will work on landing as many sticky bombs as possible to secure kills. A couple primary fire shots, some stickies, and a beam will wipe out most 200-hp targets in a matter of seconds.

The Strongest Supports in Season 8 of Overwatch 2

Kiriko from Overwatch 2


The Kitsune Protector actually got a noticeable buff in Season 8! Her Healing Ofuda projectile speed was increased from 14 to 18 meters per second. Additionally, the Protection Suzu burst healing increased from 40 to 80 health. Even with the invulnerability duration getting nerfed from 0.85 down to 0.65 seconds, Kiriko is now more consistent at keeping her team alive.

For maximum effectiveness, you’ll want to hold off angles with Kiriko. It often makes sense to play near your most aggressive teammate and apply pressure on the backline.

While her ult doesn’t counter a lot of enemy ultimates, it remains one of the best ways to win a team fight if the enemy team doesn’t have ults online. Kitsune Rush is one of those ultimates that can be used to start off a fight and quickly swing the battle in your favor. 

Ana remains a strong pick in Season 8


The veteran sniper-medic remains a top pick in this meta: This sharpshooter’s potent cocktail of healing, damage, and game-changing ultimate remains a force to be reckoned with. 

Her nade is also one of the strongest cooldowns in the game, with the ability to shut down enemy healing and turn the tide of battle. To get the most from her kit, try to use the anti-nade offensively more than defensively, applying direct pressure to your opponents.

Her Biotic Rifle delivers pinpoint precision, her Sleep Dart disrupts enemy plays, and her Nano Boost elevates teammates to godhood. The toughest part of Ana’s kit, aside from hitting shots, is understanding when and how to use her cooldowns effectively. Look for opportunities to deny space and apply pressure so you don’t have to spend as much time pumping heals into your teammates.

Sharpen your aim and decision-making, and you’ll be a true battlefield maestro.

Building Your Ladder-Climbing Arsenal for Season 8 of Overwatch 2

Picking the right heroes is just the first step. Crafting a cohesive team composition is another key to unlocking victory. Consider these honorable mentions who can be swapped out for the heroes on this list:

  • Baptiste: A great support for healing teams that like to play in a deathball. He also has great damage potential and the Lamp is one of the most impactful cooldowns in the game.
  • Sojourn: Her ability to one-shot most non-tank heroes makes her a lethal pick for those with great mechanics. Try to charge up her alt fire on the opposing tank, then unleash a devastating headshot on squishies.
  • Mauga: I know he’s not available in ranked yet, and he’s already seeing some nerfs, but this appears to be the tank with the most damage potential on the roster. It’s yet to be seen how he fits into the ranked meta, but I imagine he will be really strong with support from Ana and Kiriko.

Beyond the Meta: Mastering the Battlefield of Overwatch 2

Remember, hero mastery is merely the first instrument in your orchestra of victory. Effective communication, map awareness, and smart ultimate usage are equally important. Analyze enemy compositions, adapt your strategies on the fly, and coordinate with your team to overcome any obstacle.

Season 8 presents a fresh canvas for Overwatch 2 hopefuls. By understanding the hero shifts, wielding the meta’s powerhouses, and fostering strong teamwork, you’ll ascend the ranked ladder. 

Who do you think are the strongest heroes in Season 8 of Overwatch 2? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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