Here’s Why You Need to Pick up the Rampage in Apex Legends

We recently made a list of the best weapons to equip in season 10 of Apex Legends. The newest gun, the Rampage LMG, didn’t make the cut for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, there are better options at each ‘classic’ range of fighting in the battle royale.

It’s tough to hit any shots at long range, assault rifles are more effective in the midrange game, and the hip-fire makes this thing a joke up close. However, after playing dozens of matches with the weapon my opinion has changed. I’m convinced that you need to grab the Rampage as often as possible!

Apex Legends rampage LMG

Where the Rampage Excels

Even though the Rampage doesn’t fit neatly into one of our three defined distance classes, it is an absolute monster when enemies are in the mid-to long-range zone. At this distance, the Rampage has incredible stopping power and may be the most dominant choice when initiating a fight. 

Ideally, you can attach a 3x or 2/4x scope to this LMG to take advantage of the gun’s potential. This way, you can quickly strip the shield of your opponents from distance, then rush in with a close-range weapon as the heal.

Additionally, the recoil seems easier to control than the now-vaulted Spitfire LMG. Beyond mid-range, most people will still be able to hit a few shots, even on moving targets. The weapon also benefits from having a slot for both a barrel stabilizer and standard stock to make it even more approachable.

Rampage LMG Stats

The Rampage is meant to be hard-hitting, given its fairly slow fire rate. It does 28 damage for body shots, 49 damage to the head, and 24 damage to the legs. These numbers are the highest across the board when you look at Apex LMGs.

To make things even more interesting, the Rampage weapon also boasts the fastest reload speed in its class. It has a tactical reload (when there is at least one round left in the chamber) time of 2.1 seconds and an empty reload time of 2.7 seconds. While these aren’t blazing speeds, it does mean that you’ll be back in the fight faster than if you had a Devotion or Spitfire equipped. 

How to Charge the Rampage

While the base stats are pretty good, the Rampage alt-fire is where it shines. You can increase the fire rate of the weapon by about 30% when you charge it with a thermite grenade. The animation takes a few seconds to complete, after which you will have an entire magazine of charged ammo.

Charging the Rampage makes it decent for close-range fights, and essentially turns it into an assault rifle at medium range. It’s best to charge the gun on the way to a fight. Then, when you’re closer to your enemy, focus-fire a single target with your team for a fast kill.

Since you use one thermite for every charge, I recommend having at least one in your backpack at all times. Remember, Fuse has the added benefit of carrying two explosives per slot. This may become a go-to weapon for the offensive legend.

Tips to Maximize Your Lethality

I already dropped one gem about carrying around thermites, but there are several other things you can do to become a deadly Rampage artist:

  • Prioritize an extended mag: The base weapon has 28 bullets, but this can be increased to 40 ammo per mag with a purple extended mag. This can easily be the difference between killing two enemies with a clip or having to retreat behind cover while reloading.
  • Pair with a close-range weapon: The most obvious one to use is the Prowler, since the weapons share ammo types. If you have insane accuracy, consider having a Wingman in your secondary slot.
  • Thirst kills: With the high ammo capacity and impressive DPS of this weapon, you can finish off knocked enemies fairly easily with the Rampage. Even if the opponent has a purple knockdown shield, you should be able to fully end their life in a few seconds.
  • Avoid hip fire: I mentioned this earlier, but I think it’s worth reinforcing. The hip fire accuracy of the Rampage is not good, and it’s not supposed to be! As much as possible, avoid using this weapon at close range, unless it’s been charged with a Thermite.

Don’t Sleep on the Rampage!

The Rampage LMG is perfect for the distance I’ve now deemed “medium-long”. It’s powerful, has a decent fire rate, and is probably the greatest suppression weapon to be introduced into Apex Legends. As folks get used to the other ground weapons, the Rampage could quickly become a staple of loadouts everywhere! 

What do you think of the Rampage LMG so far? Has it found its place in the weapon meta? Let us know in the comments section!

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