Here’s Why Valkyrie From Apex Legends Season 9 Is Overrated

Apex Legends: Legacy

As Apex Legends enters its 9th season, the content from Respawn Entertainment continues to get better. In this season, players are getting the typical gifts of patch balancing, new weaponry, and a new legend – more on her later. Additionally, this season marks the introduction of a new game mode: Arenas.   

Arenas switches up the battle royale formula and allows legends to prove their might in a 3v3 death match. As the patch notes page reads, “Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. You win, or you die”. With the removal of the slew of variables that default mode we’ve grown accustomed to, Apex very likely could find another tier of competitive gameplay. 

In this initial update, you will see balancing changes to Crypto, Bloodhound, Bangalore, Fuse, Loba, and Octane. More notable changes were implemented on Horizon (Season 7’s Legend) and Lifeline. Horizon’s kit has been slightly nerfed to prevent her from sitting atop her Gravity Lift for too long. 

Lifeline received the most changes. Her Combat Revive no longer deploys a shield but can now revive two teammates simultaneously. Additionally, it now cancels active revives. Hopefully this is implemented better than Saint’s revive bot in Rogue Company. Lifeline’s Heal Drone received a buff in heal rate and deployment time. Finally, her Care Package received a buff in cooldown and the loot it provides. 

Season 9 also marks the arrival of the first bow and arrow weapon in Apex Legends. The Boceck (hilariously pronounced “bow-check”) introduces a new ammo type, arrows, which may prove to be every archers’ dream!

apex legends valkyrie


Kairi Imahara, daughter of Apex Predator Viper, is the newest playable legend. With the help of Rampart, she repurposed the remains of her father’s Northstar Titan into a jetpack and entered The Games under the alias Valkyrie.

Valkyrie’s kit is as follows:

  • Class: Recon – Scanning Survey Beacons reveals the next circle’s location.
  • Passive: VTOL Jets – Use your jetpack to reposition or reach high places. You have limited fuel and cannot use weapons while flying.
  • Tactical: Missile Swarm – Fire a swarm of mini-rockets which damage and disorient the enemy.
  • Ultimate: Skyward dive – Take to the skies to reposition a long distance across the map. Your squadmates can join in.

A few things may stand out in just reading these abilities. My first was RIP to Pathfinder. Between the release of Horizon, Octane’s jump pad buffs, and nerfing Pathfinder into the ground, the friendly robot has lost his  crown as the best in Apex Legends. Valkyrie may be putting the nail in the coffin. She provides another verticality legend and has Pathfinder’s see-the-next-circle ability.

Also apparent is Valkyrie’s aerial focused kit. Let’s start with the passives. Almost comically so, she has a Pharah-esque jetpack to use whenever she jumps. She also receives a special UI when skydiving and empowers her entire team to highlight enemies both airborne and grounded. 

Can I move on from the passives now?  

As for tactical ability, Valkyrie’s Missile Swarm launches a 4×3 grid of 12 missiles. The first missile to connect deals 25 damage with subsequent missiles dealing 3 damage. Additionally, the missles stun similar to arc stars and Wattson’s Perimeter Security fences.

Valkyrie’s ultimate ability is perhaps the most unique in the game. Skyward Dive allows Valkyrie  and her teammates to launch into the sky and reposition as if you were landing for the first time in the match or utilizing a deployment balloon. 

Dumb, right?

Why Valkyrie Is Overrated

Hard to imagine Valkyrie being overrated after that enormous kit we just covered. Let’s start back at the top.

While her passive is probably the best repositioning tool in the game now, it is not without drawbacks. Most importantly, you are unable to use a gun while actively using the jetpack. Yes, you can engage the thrusters, switch to a gun in mid air and let off a shot. Thankfully, the developers thought far enough ahead and implemented a weapon swap delay to balance this crazy ability. 

Also, the jetpack is extremely loud. There will be no easy stealth vertical flanks happening for Valkyrie. 

Finally, for some of the more advanced players, the jetpack may prove to be a hindrance, preventing wall jumps. Move with precision and purpose or you will be a sitting duck as you loudly take to the skies. 

Her tactical and ultimate both have drawbacks, as well. 

While pretty darn powerful, her tactical ability does have constraints around where it can be used. If the ceiling is too low, you will receive a warning informing you that you are unable to Missile Swarm. 

Valkyrie’s ultimate ability is great but it does take time to deploy. If you use it out in the open or if a pursuing team is too close, you will be a defenseless, sitting duck. 

Just kidding, Valkyrie is a problem. While she can be difficult to master, good luck to those on the other side of a skilled Valkyrie player.

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