Here’s Why Super Auto Pets is the Perfect Game for New Parents

Gaming as a Parent

Being an active gamer as a grown person with responsibilities can be difficult. It’s even more challenging when you are trying to game as a parent. Your schedule is rapidly changing and it’s rare that you have an extended period of time to yourself!

I’m coming off a three-week stint of babysitting a newborn. Even with a part-time commitment to watching a child, I found it difficult to find time for video games. It was difficult for a couple of weeks, and then Julian introduced me to Super Auto Pets. The world will never be the same.

What is Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets is best described as an auto battler game where you are matched against an opponent who also wields deadly animals. You buy animals from a shop, level them up with experience and food, and watch as they try to wipe out the opposing team. It’s a cutesy take on the more serious card-builders like Hearthstone and Legends of Runeterra.

It’s available on Steam and mobile – only Android for now – and can be played for free. If you want access to extra pets in-game, you can pick up the DLC for $5. There’s no pressure to purchase though since you’ll be matched up against other players who have the same set of pets as you.

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Why Super Auto Pets is Great for Parents

The goal of Super Auto Pets is to get 10 wins before running out of lives. This typically takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes if you play straight through. However, there are no time restrictions or time-outs in this game! 

You can play a round, put down your phone for an hour, and return to continue your next turn. Super Auto Pets is the type of game that you can play even when you just have one hand available for tapping on your screen. A word of caution here – I’ve misclicked numerous times, but this has happened even while having two hands on my phone.

Parents know that their kid(s) may require attention at any given moment. Hunger, tiredness, belly aches, and smelly diapers deserve immediate reactions! As such, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to enjoy a hardcore shooter like Apex Legends while watching a newborn.

As an added bonus, you can check out the replay of your battles if you missed anything while your pets were fighting. This feature is a great learning tool and can help you understand how each pet interacts with the others.

Super Auto Pets strikes that perfect balance of flexibility and replayability. When your toddler goes down for an hour nap, you can knock out a few quick games. If they’re awake, it’s more likely that you’ll get in a turn every few minutes. I’ve even finished a game while bottle feeding!

Additionally, the large number of pets and randomness of the shop means you’ll never have a repeat of a prior game. Even if you manage to build a team that you’ve used in the past, you’re likely to be matched against an opponent who has composed a rather unique squad.

How to Play Super Auto Pets

Aside from checking out our starter guide and tier list, the best way is to jump into a game and try things out. It’s low risk, low (to mid) stress, and won’t require pulling out your credit card. As an added bonus, it’s a game that your kids will probably enjoy watching!

Will you be trying Super Auto Pets in your downtime?? Do you have any other recommendations for games that parents can play? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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